The digital access solution for health care providers

The Nuki Smart Lock gives carers easy access to the living space of people in need of care and turns the smartphone into a key. Designed as a retrofit solution, the Smart Lock is installed on the inside of the door over the existing cylinder within a few minutes – without screws or drilling.

Cost savings

No more time-consuming or costly key handovers

Time efficiency

Open doors remotely in case of emergencies or unplanned staff turnover

Key management

Easy adaption and deactivation of access permissions

Security control

Easy web management tool to administer access permissions and log door locking processes

Smart access solution

With the Nuki Smart Lock doors can be unlocked and locked with a smartphone and the corresponding Nuki app. Digital and easy-to-manage access permissions replace the traditional key to the living space of people in need of care. Access permissions can be granted for a certain time period and can also be easily removed if necessary.

The Nuki Smart Lock provides carers with an efficient key management tool and reliable access. Due to unplanned shift changes, emergencies or because of mobility impairments, new key management challenges arise every day. Nuki eliminates these issues completely.

The advantages of the Nuki Smart Lock:


Efficient and flexible





Nuki Smart Lock

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best practices

For companies in the care sector, we have set ourselves the goal of making existing access solutions more intelligent and your everyday life as a care provider more efficient in the long term.

Martin Pansy, CEO

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