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Coworking office space: how to offer 24/7 Access with Nuki
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Coworking office space: how to offer 24/7 access with Nuki

Get Inspired 11.07.2019 | Leticia Schmied-Costa

The job market has been changing a lot in recent years. As a result, the demand for more flexible workspaces is also increasing. According to a survey conducted by Global Coworking Growth Study 2019, freelancers, independent entrepreneurs, and start-ups are frequently seeking coworking office spaces, or meeting rooms for important appointments and presentations. In addition to flexibility, these spaces also offer networking opportunities and can even improve productivity by being surrounded by other motivated workers.

Just a place with tables and chairs is not enough to have an atmosphere of creativity, productivity, and excitement. It is essential that your space offers all the necessary facilities for the people who work there. Regular access to a good printer, comfortable chairs, and a quality coffee maker are just a few examples. Another crucial point is the connection to the Internet. Stable and fast Internet connection is an absolute must for most remote employees.

Smart access for flexible workers

Flexibility is another essential point for anyone looking for a coworking space. Being able to get in and out at any day and time, depending on your motivation or your most productive hours, is what makes many professionals seek this kind of space. Therefore, keyless access is one of the most significant breakthroughs for your coworking space.

Nuki Smart Lock: Easily installed

Nuki offers the flexibility to ensure the satisfaction of coworkers and to attract even more members, who then feel the comfort and convenience of your space. The Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of the existing door lock, and it’s ready to be used within 3 minutes without screws, or drills. The Nuki app or the Nuki Web allows you to manage people’s access comfortably and securely. With Nuki, you never have to worry about lost keys and changing the lock. Access permissions can easily be revoked, and your space remains protected against unauthorized entries.

Coworking space Pilatuspool uses Nuki

Pilatuspool is a space in Hamburg for workshops, meetings, seminars, or design thinking activities that already enjoys the benefits of Nuki.

"We have been using a Nuki Smart Lock for several months in our meeting location, the Pilatuspool. We chose Nuki for the high level of security, which was repeatedly found to be very good in tests, and the ease of installation. Not only we, but also our customers are enthusiastic about the system and its ease of use. Since we use Nuki, we save a lot of time, since the key handover is omitted. Besides, it emphasizes our positioning as a contemporary, modern location.” Merle Möller, Location Manager from Pilatuspool.

If you want to find out more information about the benefits of Nuki for your coworking office space click here: Business solutions

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