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NUKI Opens Doors for DAREBELL

Get Inspired 01.03.2019 | Christine Deniz

The feeling of home

Certain things are required to feel happy in an unfamiliar environment. This experience was a common occurrence for Mario Weissensteiner, CEO of DAREBELL, on many of his business trips. When you’re travelling around the world, every trip holds a degree of uncertainty when it comes to accommodation: what is in store for me this time? Will there be a comfortable bed, a coffee machine, cutlery, etc.?
It is this experience that gave him the idea to set a standard in short-term rentals, one that guests could rely on and that would not let them down – and thus, the foundations for DAREBELL had been laid.

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“I liked the idea of setting a certain standard in short-term rentals and, as a result, experiencing joy when discovering a new place. Even if one of the places feels alien, you can take comfort in this certainty and experience a happy moment when entering a DAREBELL apartment.” (Mario Weissensteiner)

Rent stylish apartments without buying furniture

The concept of DAREBELL is simple: superb apartments, complete with a full range of amenities and furnished in a variety of styles and in a number of locations, can be rented online and can be terminated on a weekly basis by telephone or by email. Since its foundation in 2013, 20 DAREBELL apartments have been established in Graz, alongside more than 40 in Vienna.

Smart Home solutions – A simple way to give your guests more

The property market is highly competitive when it comes to short-term rentals. Just being stylish is often not enough for a property to set itself apart from its numerous other competitors. The biggest challenge here is making stylish apartments as easily available to your guests as possible. This is where the important and highly topical issue of the Smart Home comes into play: DAREBELL opted for smart entry systems from Nuki, as the functionality of the Nuki Smart Lock completely and utterly bowled them over.

Smart entry to a fantastic apartment – thanks to Nuki

You’ve rented a designer apartment and the key is under the mat, or is there a neighbour to collect it from?? In order to avoid the laborious process of handing over the physical key, Mario Weissensteiner eventually decided to furnish all new DAREBELL apartments with Smart Locks from Nuki. A number of electronic door locks were tested, but Nuki was the eventual winner due to its ease of use and high level of functionality. Renters and investors also gave overwhelmingly positive feedback on the intelligent door lock by Nuki.

All processes pertaining to the process of moving in and out, as well as all opening and closing processes that take place during the rental term, can be automated thanks to Nuki. And the good news gets even better: the tenants will receive permissions for the relevant Nuki Smart Lock after booking, which they can then open and close via their smartphone. After moving out, the act of revoking and redistributing these permissions via head office is a very simple one.

"Nuki can be perfectly controlled from our head office. This makes the need to physically hand over the keys a thing of the past. Of all the locking systems we have tested so far, Nuki displayed the highest level of performance." (Mario Weissensteiner)
Christine Deniz
I belong to those who claim to "not really know their way around technology". It is therefore important to me that complex processes are presented in an understandable and simple way. What fascinates me about Smart Lock technology is the fact that it not only replaces the key - the central element of a home - but also extends it. An innovation for everyone, not just for techies.