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Say hello to the smartest Nuki door lock ever – with improved battery life and Matter

Nuki News 14.11.2023 | Nuki

Introducing the fourth generation of our Smart Locks. Available once again in two versions: The Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro (4th generation). Our smart door locks are now even more powerful. And they now support Matter, the new smart home standard. Giving you a great reason to pick up the new generation of Nuki products.


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Classic look, new electronics and software

Nuki is now even more powerful: Thanks to its new electronics and software, the average battery life of the new product generation has improved by 30%. Both Smart Locks feature an impressive battery life of up to 6 months on a single charge. In addition, the Smart Lock Pro is equipped with optimized Power Pack technology.

  • Easy installation: Simply mount Nuki yourself to the inside of your door – no screwing or drilling necessary.
  • Automatic locking and unlocking: Auto Unlock opens the door automatically.
  • Remote access: Control your door remotely and assign access permissions on the go.
  • Log function: With the Nuki app, you always know who has locked your door and if it’s securely locked.
  • Complete compatibility with Nuki accessories: Open your door via fingerprint, at the push of a button, or in many other ways.

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Nuki now speaks Matter

Connect your smart home devices more easily than ever before. Regardless of the model or brand. Look for the Matter logo to find out whether your smart gadgets are compatible. This way, also Nuki will find its place in your smart home even faster. More about Matter

Matter is the future of smart homes

As the market leader, we’re working together with companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google on the development of the new Matter standard. As part of the CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance), the organization behind Matter, we represent the needs of the European market. Our goal is to make the everyday lives of millions of people even smarter.

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