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Nuki & Airbnb in-app messages
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Nuki & Airbnb in-app messages

Nuki News 28.05.2021 | Julia Buchta

Nuki has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Airbnb for over 3 years. Now more than 2,000 Airbnb-Nuki hosts in over 40 countries are using our smart electronic door lock. We are constantly working with our partner to improve existing functions and make new features available. The feedback from our Nuki-Airbnb community is particularly important to us.

Airbnb in-app communication

We are particularly delighted that digital access permissions can now be sent to guests directly via the Airbnb app. This new feature is one that our Nuki-Airbnb community has been requesting for some time.

With this function it is even easier for you as an Airbnb host to communicate with your guests and give them keyless access to their accommodation. Using the in-app messaging function, you can contact your guests much faster and easier. You can view the entire conversation history with your guests directly in the Airbnb app and respond to their queries more quickly and easily.

The connection is straightforward – simply link your Nuki Web account with your Airbnb account. As soon as you, as the host, have connected your Nuki products to your Airbnb account, your guests can gain keyless access to the vacation property. The digital access permissions are sent to your guests either 1, 3 or 7 days before their arrival. (Point 1)

What’s new?

From now on, you can also choose whether you want your guests to receive digital access permissions via email, via in-app messaging in the Airbnb app, or both. The assigned access permission is still only active for the period booked. This new feature is available for both existing and new Nuki-Airbnb hosts. However, this function must be activated once for each individual accommodation. (Point 2)

Are you already a Nuki-Airbnb host?
Use this link and follow these 3 steps to use the function to its fullest extent without losing any previously defined settings.

You must also define who will receive the invitation message: your guests and you, only your guests, or only you. If you choose “only me”, you will of course have to forward the message to your guests. (Point 3)

Depending on which devices are assigned to your accommodation, Nuki sends predefined messages to the guest. Each message includes a short description of how to gain access to the accommodation with Nuki as well as an example photo. The beginning of the message will read “Automated message from Nuki”. This lets your guests know that this is a predefined message from Nuki. (Point 4)

Due to the high level of maintenance required and the associated complexity, it is currently not possible to individualise the content of the text. However, we are making an effort to consider as many customer wishes as possible in future developments.

The message sent to your guest is written in the language set for the Airbnb booking. If no language or an unsupported language is set, then the message will be sent in English. We currently support the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish and Slovak.


Added convenience for hosts

If you also use the Nuki Opener as an Airbnb host, you will benefit from additional handy features: For example, you can use Nuki Web to set whether you want continuous mode to be activated and for what period of time (Point 5). On top of that, you can set continuous mode so that it ends automatically after the first check-in. (Point 6)

Many Nuki-Airbnb hosts have reported back to us saying they want to be notified automatically as soon as the guest has checked in. That is also an option. Simply activate this function under “Receive check-in status by email”. (Point 7)

To ensure you receive an alert as soon as the battery charge level of your Nuki devices is low, activate the controller under “Receive battery alert by email”. (Point 8)

In our blog post “What can the Nuki app do?”, we have summarised the key features for you.

Feedback from the Nuki-Airbnb survey 2020

The concerns and opinions of the Nuki-Airbnb community are extremely important to us. That’s why we sent a survey to over 2,200 hosts in winter 2020 and received a lot of exciting information and suggestions:

Feedback from the Nuki-Airbnb survey 2020

Keyless check-in with Nuki and Airbnb: all the benefits at a glance

Benefits for Airbnb hosts:

  • Contactless self-check-in for guests
  • No more time-consuming key handovers
  • No more worrying about guests losing or forgetting keys
  • Full control over the Smart Lock – even from a distance
  • Automated access permission for the corresponding booking period
  • Convenient access for service providers
  • Attractive offer for Airbnb hosts

Benefits for guests:

  • Secure 24/7 access
  • Stress-free arrival – no more worrying about delays
  • Keyless access thanks to the free Nuki app
  • No registration required

“An electronic door lock is a worthwhile investment for Airbnb hosts in every respect. Many hosts stated that managing their vacation property became much less stressful as soon as they were no longer absolutely required to hand over keys in person. And you can, of course, still greet your guests in person the next day,” Julia Buchta, Nuki Home Solutions GmbH.

You can find more information about Nuki for Airbnb hosts here

Nuki for Airbnb hosts
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