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Nuki and Sweet Inn revolutionize apartment access


After introducing you to our official partnership with Airbnb recently, we’re now proud to introduce our next partnership in the ‘managed apartments’ segment: Sweet Inn.

Sweet Inn use the Nuki Smart Lock to manage their Smart Locks from the distance

Sweet Inn is an internationally up-and-coming start-up that manages over 400 designer apartments for leisure and business travel in 10 European cities (e.g., Paris, London and Tel Aviv). All apartments are gradually being equipped with the Nuki Smart Lock, with the goal being to offer guests an innovative as well as comfortable solution from booking to check-out.

With the Nuki Web platform, access rights can be managed remotely with just a few clicks, generating great added value for the operator as well since guests can no longer lose keys and secure access is also ensured for service providers. To use the keyless entry, prior to arrival all guests will receive an email containing an invitation code that unlocks the Smart Lock for the period booked in the Nuki App.

As a result, long waits in bad weather to pick up the physical key are a thing of the past.

Sweet Inn CEO Paul Besnainou:
The Nuki Smart Lock symbolizes what we see as the future of Sweet Inn and travel as a whole – a perfect blend of comfort and freedom that allows travelers to fully focus on their experience, completely stress-free.