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Nuki Box: The smart door opener is now available to everyone!
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Nuki Box: The smart door opener is now available to everyone!

Nuki News 02.03.2021 | Werner Sammer

We’re opening doors with Nuki – in the truest sense of the word: Our customers trust in our holistic, secure and, above all, smart access solutions for single-family houses and apartment buildings. This is bringing us ever closer to our vision of digitising as many keys as possible and making physical keys obsolete.

However, that bunch of keys can often get quite bulky, especially for apartment owners and renters. In addition to their own apartment door, they have to lock at least one other door, the one at the main entrance of the apartment building. That’s why – in addition to the Nuki Opener, the retrofit solution for a building’s intercom system – we’ve been offering another digital solution since 2017: the Nuki Box.

The Nuki Box is installed discreetly behind the intercom system of the apartment building and makes the electric door opener of the main door smart. The retrofit solution grants residents access via Auto Unlock, the app or the Nuki Fob.

The Nuki Box – new and improved!

Since 2017, over 2,200 Nuki Boxes have been installed in apartment buildings in Germany and Austria (including in buildings of Sozialbau AG in Vienna) and have been enhancing central entrances with digital features ever since. Combine it with the Nuki Smart Lock for your apartment door and you can even enjoy a completely keyless life. Smart access from the street to your apartment – a reality with Nuki.

keyless entry for all residents with the Nuki Box

Since mid-2020, we have been working on many practical upgrades for the Nuki Box to make the smart door opener even better for you and accessible to even more people. Here are the specific functions and features we have improved:

  • Simplified user management from the comfort of your computer
    With the Nuki Box, access management is a piece of cake – for residents and property managers, but also for organisations and associations. Following the latest update, individual management levels can now be set up with the Nuki Box. This gives residents, members, service providers, etc. the opportunity to individually assign, manage and delete access permissions themselves. This means that the permissions no longer have to be assigned centrally by the property manager.

  • Improved Nuki Web reduces administrative outlay
    No matter how many residents, members or employees you have to manage: The intuitive and user-friendly Nuki Web supports the simple setup and administration of access permissions. A great relief for property managers: Thanks to digital key management, only the relevant residential units have to be recorded – everything else can now be done by the residents themselves. With the Nuki Box, there is no need to duplicate lost keys, replace entire locking cylinders after every loss, or reclaim keys that have been handed out.

  • Simplified DIY installation
    The Nuki Box can now be easily integrated into existing electric door opening systems. We now offer a simple installation guide for anyone with prior electrical skills so that the Nuki Box can be installed independently without any problems. This means you can turn your property into a modern and safe residential complex quickly and without extensive renovation work.

  • Privacy and security come first
    We have continued to work on the security of our Nuki Box. That’s why the detailed log of access activity can now only be viewed by users such as apartment owners and tenants. Property managers only receive an anonymous overview of access processes, so privacy is always maintained.

  • Privacy

  • Digital access for everyone – even from a distance
    The Nuki Box has an integrated eSIM and Bluetooth Low Energy technology – the continuous internet connection enables the smart Nuki features to be used, even if there is no Wi-Fi connection in direct range. As soon as the Nuki Box is installed, all residents of a building will be able to use the digital access system remotely. The main entrance can still be locked using the key, meaning the practical digital features are optional.

The retrofittable solution for every scenario

The Nuki Box is not only suitable for residential buildings, it can also be used to lock main entrances and garage doors in apartment buildings, premises of associations or communal spaces. The smart door opener can also be creatively integrated into a smart home. The Nuki Box supports Auto Unlock, a popular feature from the Nuki Smart Lock, and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and other smart home solutions.

Of course, you can also grant various service providers access to the building via the Nuki Web. If you wish, registered and authorised delivery services, tradespeople or care services can unlock doors with the Nuki Partner app via the Nuki Box Partner Network. The Nuki Box Partner Network is currently only available in certain regions (Vienna).

The Nuki Box as a smart garage opener

Some of our employees use the underground car park or the bicycle storage space in the basement when commuting to the office. We installed the Nuki Box both at the entrance to the underground car park and at the doors to the bicycle cellar. With the optional Auto Unlock function, the garage door opens as soon as the car is within Bluetooth range – so drivers don’t even have to take their smartphone out of their pocket.

The Nuki Box can be installed by the owner of the property and is therefore the perfect solution for property owners, property managers, landlords and individualists. If you’re one of these people, you can buy the Nuki Box in our Nuki Shop now.

Do you want to use the Nuki Box as a tenant in your apartment building? Then talk to your landlord or letting agent – the Nuki Box can then be installed by your property manager (as part of modernisation measures) or by the owner’s representative.

Werner Sammer
I have a high affinity for all things through which electricity flows: smart vacuum cleaner, smart TV, smart door lock. I am fascinated by technology that makes life easier.