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Nuki Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa available!


Update (28 March 2019)
Over the last months, Amazon has considerably expanded the functionality of Smart Home skills for door locks. You can now also lock and unlock your door with the Nuki Smart Home Skill (requires a PIN code).

In addition to direct voice commands, lock actions can also be integrated into scenes with the Nuki Smart Home Skill, meaning the functionality of the Smart Home skills clearly exceeds that of the Nuki Custom Skill.

That is why we have decided to deactivate the Nuki Custom Skill from 1 April 2019 and instead focus on developing the Smart Home skill in the future. This will allow us to bring you even more functions for your Smart Lock in combination with your Amazon Echo. If you are still using the Nuki Custom Skill, we recommend that you switch to the Nuki Smart Home Skill for your Amazon Echo.

Note: to be able to open your door via voice command, you must first activate this using the settings for the Nuki Smart Home Skill in the Alexa app. Additionally, a security code is needed to unlock your door. You can set this code in the Alexa app.

Just a few months ago, we introduced you to the first smart lock in Europe, the Nuki Skill for Amazon Alexa. Because the smart home skills were not yet available in Europe, we decided at the time to choose a custom skill.

Now several months have gone by, and the development of smart voice assistants is now expanding rapidly in Europe and smart home skills have meanwhile been introduced in Europe too. These let you link them together with each other in the Alexa app in order to create so-called scenes. This allows you to combine several smart home skills together. You can also talk to smart home skills much more easily. So, with the new smart home skill you just have to ask for the status of the front door and you don’t have to mention Nuki anymore in the sentence. This means that from now on, you can use Nuki Smart Lock much more flexibly and integrate it in your smart home system even more easily.

Unfortunately, smart home skills (like Google Assistant skills) still don’t support a way to open or unlock the door. So the smart home skill lets you only lock the door but not unlock it. However, you don’t have to define a PIN code either when you install it. Because we always do our best to provide you with as much freedom as possible, the custom skill will remain available so you can decide for yourself which of the two skills suits your life better.

Of course you can also use both skills in parallel if you want to use all the functions!

All differences at a glance:

  Custom Skill Smart Home Skill
Request door status Yes Yes
Request activity log Yes No
Open / Unlock door Yes No
Lock door Yes Yes
Integrate in smart home scenes No Yes
  Nuki elektronisches Türschloss
To the Custom Skill To the Smart Home Skill

  1. Activate Nuki Web in your Nuki App
  2. Activate the Nuki Smart Home Skill in your Alexa App and allow it to access your Smart Locks via Nuki Web
  3. Done!