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The Nuki app is being completely overhauled for the first time and given a fresh, new design

Nuki News 19.10.2022 | Hanna Specht

Update 19.10.2022: From today, the new app version 2022.10.1 is available for iOS and Android.

Since we made our start with the crowdfunding project Kickstarter, feedback from our community has played an essential role in our development. Feature requests from our users help shape our roadmap. This dynamic development is also visible in the structure of the app. Because, since our market launch in 2016, we’ve added a large number of new features and settings options.

That’s why we thought it was time to completely clean up and restructure our app. To ensure we offer you the best possible user experience, we’ve also revamped the app design.

We’re releasing the updates in several stages

We are committed to better usability! This is only possible with the feedback of our community. This is why we’ll be rolling out the newly structured app in several stages. This will allow us to incorporate any customer feedback on these changes. In addition, every change is prepared in a beta phase.
The first change will be made with the app version 2022.7.1 (July 2022). Further updates will be released in the following months. We go through all the latest updates to the Nuki app for you here:

New management section for access permissions in app version 2022.7.1 and 2022.8.1

With this app release, we’re introducing a fresh, new design with icons.
Favourites can be easily marked with the star symbol.
The quite generally titled “Manage Smart Lock” is being renamed to “Features & Configuration”. This way, you can see at a glance where basic settings and smart functions can be managed.

Another new addition is the “Lock Permissions” area, which replaces “User Management”. Our first step will be to adapt the design and improve usability.
Here you can now also clearly manage keypad and fob permissions. Lock permissions are therefore divided into users, keypad and fob. This makes it easy to manage all users for your Nuki device.

Further improvements with app version 2022.10.1

Clear grouping of “Features & Configuration” and introduction of a search function

Over the past few weeks, we have continued working on the Nuki app step by step.
The aim of this restructuring is to improve the app’s user-friendliness and clarity.
With the new app release, the “Features & Configuration” section has now also been redesigned.

A lot has changed in this section since we started. We have implemented numerous features requested by our community over the past few years. By consistently developing our devices, we have also continuously expanded the settings options.

In the “Features & Configuration” section, you’ll find all the basic settings for your Nuki device. This is where you can manage your device settings and smart features.
Now, our products can be customised to suit personal needs and used in a wide variety of applications.

We have reorganised this area to make it even easier and faster in the future. The large number of different settings options is now grouped in a clear and sensible way. This new structure is supported by the app design with its icons. A search function has also been added to the area to offer quick access and a better overview.

We will inform you in this article as soon as new updates go live.

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Hanna Specht

Hanna Specht

Security plays a huge role for me in my own home. But that shouldn’t be at the cost of convenience. Nuki combines both, which really simplifies my daily life. I’m excited about all the new possibilities that come with technological advances.