Nuki Smart Lock certified as a safe Smart Home product

The security of your Smart Lock has always been our highest priority, which is why we invest a lot of power and resources in this area. Of course, we were all the more pleased when we found out a few months ago that the independent security institute AV-Test named the Nuki Smart Lock the “safest Smart Lock international.

Nuki Smart Lock certified as a safe Smart Home product
However, success is never a reason for us to settle down: it’s a sign that we’re on the right track, and it’s a constant motivator for us to keep improving. That’s why we got in touch with the AV-Test Institute for a detailed review of the Amazon Alexa skill as well as the Nuki Combo. The result has affirmed our efforts and has certified the Nuki Smart Lock as a safe Smart Home product, providing very good protection against outside manipulation.

“Overall, the tested solution meets the security requirements of the AV-TEST
certification program and has earned the “Approved Smart Home Product” seal.”

Tabular Evaluation

Tested componentsNuki Combo
Nuki Custom Skill for Amazon Alexa
Protection functions
Encrypted communication   Yes
Secured encryption    Yes
External manipulationNot possible
Secure remote controlEffective protection
Test resultVery good protection