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New Year’s Resolutions 2021: Smart Help to Achieve Them

Smart Home 04.01.2021 | Marcus Schwarten

For many, good resolutions are just as much a part of the new year as champagne is of New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, as that early drive and motivation often dissipate over the course of the year, so too do the chances of those resolutions working out as planned. That inner laziness, those old habits and the like – in many cases, end up being overwhelming opponents. But don’t worry – help is at hand! We have smart helpers standing ready to actively help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions for 2021.

Fighting the fat

Losing weight is probably one of the absolute classics when it comes to resolutions heading into the new year – and that trend is not likely to change for 2021. Most of the time, however, your lazy inner self – probably sleeping away New Year’s Eve and not yet ready to use his veto – will end up returning sooner in the new year than you would like.

Smart gadgets help you get your butt into gear and incorporate more movement into your life. A smartwatch with step counter or a fitness bracelet will track the steps you take each day – and regularly remind you that you ought to be moving more.

Smartwatches and smartphones can also record and evaluate most types of sports training. This doesn’t just make for improved training and analysis of (improved) performance; it can also have a motivational impact when you share your statistics – with friends, for example – or use them to spur yourself on while jogging.

Finally getting up earlier

A Smart Home can help those who find it difficult to get up on time in the morning. If the lighting in the bedroom is smart, it can slowly turn on and get brighter in unison with your alarm clock, all while Alexa or Google Assistant wakes you with your favourite music through a smart speaker. This turns getting up into an exhilarating affair.

If your home is equipped with smart shutters, these can also start up as if by magic, letting daylight into the bedroom in accordance with the time of day and the season. With the smart coffee machine then luring you into the kitchen with its freshly-brewed coffee and enticing scent, getting out of bed really should be no problem at all.

Order and cleanliness in your own four walls

Let’s be honest: For many, housecleaning is a truly tedious task that is often neglected and in the end is coming up short. This is precisely where smart technology can help you out. A robotic vacuum cleaner takes over the vacuuming in the living room and bedroom, a robot mop wipes the floor in the kitchen and bathroom, and a window cleaning robot assumes responsibility for window cleaning.

Unfortunately, it is still the case that the automated home helpers cannot yet take care of every task. But they certainly save us time, and also automatically ensure a greater degree of cleanliness. This leaves more time for the really important things – as well as the not-so-important things. Which brings us to another resolution: improving your work-life balance…

Save money and help the environment

Saving money and protecting the environment are another two topics that often rank among New Year’s resolutions. With a Smart Home, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks to smart thermostats, the energy requirement of your heating system will often be reduced by a significant two-digit percentage. Smart sockets with consumption metering help to expose energy guzzlers and reduce unnecessary standby operation. This reduces power consumption and also saves money in doing so.

Everything is controlled conveniently and easily via voice, app or wall button – depending on your preference and how you set it up. These new acquisitions do initially incur one-time costs. Depending on the type of device, however, the return on investment comes within a more or less manageable period.

Marcus Schwarten
I'm a real “Smart-Homer” and love trying out our new technologies, devices, and gadgets. If I like what I see, I give them a spot in my Smart Home. Because only the smartest is “smart” enough for me … :-)