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Smart access control via Amazon Alexa, Ring Video Doorbell & Nuki

Smart Home 06.02.2020 | Sebastian Scholz

How about just opening your door with your smartphone and never having to think about your key again? The Nuki Smart Lock makes it possible and revolutionises the access to your home in a simple way. However, sometimes there are situations where your hands are not free. In these cases, you can easily control your electronic door lock by voice command and open the door with Amazon Alexa. Even more convenient is a Ring video doorbell, which allows you to see in real-time who is standing at your doorstep. Thanks to the integration of Ring and Nuki into your Amazon Echo Show, the whole process is completely seamless and intuitive – simply Smart Home.

The result is an integrated access system with voice and video transmission. All you need: a Nuki Combo 2.0, an Amazon Echo Show and a video doorbell from Ring. How the three Smart Home gadgets play together is shown in this short video:


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