At your fingertip.

Put the little Bluetooth device on your key ring to lock and unlock your door without your smartphone.

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Beam me in, Scotty!

Nuki fob lightweight

Lightweight companion

Go for a swim while your phone stays inside? The Nuki Fob even fits in your tightest gear.

Nuki no phone needed

No phone required

Popular as they are, not everyone owns a smartphone. A Nuki Fob lets them in anyway.

nuki for everbody

Simple and secure

Nuki Fob is easy and safe to use, for children as well as for elderly people.

There’s an alternative for nearly everyone.

Do you have children below a smartphone age, or a grandmother who can’t even handle her old keys anymore? Nuki Fob is the ideal door opener for almost any kind of situation. On top of that, deactivating and replacing lost Fobs is mere child’s play compared to replacing an entire lock with all its keys.

Nuki Fob

Seamless compatibility

The Nuki Fob is compatible with every Nuki Smart Lock and does not require a Nuki Bridge Wifi connection.

Simple configuration

Access to your Smart Lock can easily be granted or removed individually on your Nuki app for any Nuki Fob.


As many keys, as you like

Up to 200 Nuki Fobs can be paired with one Nuki Smart Lock. One Nuki Fob can be authorised for up to 100 Smart Locks.

Secure access management

If a Nuki Fob gets lost, access permissions can easily and quickly be deleted using the Nuki app.

Bye bye, spare key.

Do you need countless keys because apart from yourself, your cleaner, carer and pet-sitter also need to access your home? Don’t worry, the annoying production of duplicate keys is over – finally!
Thanks to the Nuki Fob, all your contacts get convenient and controlled access to your home or apartment – permanent, temporary or recurring.

A perfect companion.

Whether you’re outside connecting with nature instead of Facebook, or just elegantly lock your phone away from time to time: Nuki Fob definitely won’t disturb your most precious time – it will just let you in again.

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Get four Fobs at a special price and save € 17,00.

Nuki Fob Deal
Wifi Bridge
The Fobs are the perfect alternative to smartphones. They can be shared conveniently with friends, babysitters or cleaning staff.
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You think Nuki would be a good idea for friends and loved-ones?