Smart access to your apartment building

Nuki Box turns your entry intercom into a smart door lock. So the door opens automatically when you come home and there’s no more need to search around for the key to your building.

Find out whether there’s already a Nuki Box installed in your building.

You’re owner of a residential management business?

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Open the door to your building remotely for service providers or workmen, even when you’re not at home.



With the Nuki system, when you approach the door to your building you’ll never need your old-fashioned key again. Your door opens automatically when you get to it.



Restriction of the ability to open the door to the building exclusively to authorised persons is ensured.

Say goodbye to collection notes

Thanks to Nuki Box you can open the door to delivery personnel remotely and tell them simply to leave your order by your door.

Service partners

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No more looking for or forgetting keys

With Nuki Box all that looking for keys in the rain is over at last. As soon as you get close to the door to your building, Nuki activates the door release completely automatically. Your phone can just stay in your pocket.

You’d like to know whether your building is already equipped with a Nuki Box?

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Smart help, whatever the situation

Whether it’s an emergency or a regular service. The Nuki system offers simple, reliable building access to service providers.

A clever combination

Nuki Smart Lock für Bluetooth Kommunikation
Erweitere dein Smart Lock mit Internet
Nuki Bridge für Integration in Smart Home Systeme

With Nuki Box for the door to the building and a Nuki Smart Lock for your apartment, you can live completely free of keys and make a smart entry from street to apartment

Smart key management for the business of residential management

Nuki Box enables key management that is both efficient and secure at the same time. The evidence of innovative thinking and maximised convenience for residents raise a property’s value for the long term and uneconomic handovers of keys are avoided.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I use the Nuki system?

    When you moved in, you already received one or more invitation codes. Using these codes you can add entry to your building to your Nuki app and use the system straight away. The Nuki app is available for both iOS and Android. If you need more codes, simply order them here. They will be delivered to you a few days later by post.
  • Where and how can I order a Nuki Box?

    Nuki Boxes can only be ordered from and installed by your residential management business. Tenants have no influence on the investment decision made by those administering the property on behalf of the owners.
  • Does every resident have to switch over to the Nuki system?

    As with all Nuki solutions, you can continue to use the conventional key. So the Nuki system is solely an additional, comfortable way of opening the door.
  • Which of a resident’s data can be seen by the property management?

    No personal data are visible to the property management. The records show only that the door was unlocked, not by whom.