Stay connected.

The Nuki Bridge brings your Smart Lock online, so you can manage and control it remotely with the Nuki app anytime and anywhere.

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Manage your Smart Lock online

Smart Home Integration durch 3rd Party Apps

Smart Home

The Nuki Bridge brings your home Wi-Fi
and your Nuki Smart Lock together.

Zugriff zum Smart Home über das Internet

Remote unlock

Open for a handyman, dog sitter
or deliveries, even if you are not at home.

Smart Home Status immer einsehbar

24/7 control

Stay in perfect control of who came or left home while you’re at work or on holiday.

Smart access for the whole family with the Nuki Combo

The Nuki Bridge delivers full access to your Smart Lock – wherever you are: Would you like to unlock your door for the handyman? Or have a look, if your kids are home yet?

Smart Lock + Bridge

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Here’s how the Nuki Bridge works

Smart Home Integration durch 3rd Party Apps
  • Connection via your home Wi-Fi
  • Step-by-step configuration through the Nuki app; you’re done in under three minutes.
  • Button and LED display for initial set-up
  • Required for Smart Home integrations such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Makes it possible to control the Smart Lock from a distance using the Nuki app (smartphone) or Nuki Web (browser)

Open the door to your smart lifestyle.

Use Nuki to schedule your day as you please: Do you really have to stay home to open the door for various service providers? Luckily, that’s now a thing of the past! Thanks to Nuki, you can now comfortably and remotely lock and unlock your door.

Everything there is to know about the Bridge and Smart Lock

  • The Nuki Bridge should be plugged in close to the Smart Lock. Here’s how to set it up.
  • When choosing a socket, make sure that the Bridge can stay plugged in permanently.
  • Requirements: Standard Wi-Fi (2.4 gigahertz network) and standard socket (100–240 V)

The Nuki Bridge also offers developers a foundation for various connections to their Smart Home.
Go to the Developer Forum (API connection)

All functions at a glance

So you can be sure which Nuki solution makes your everyday life easier.

Smart Lock

(Smart Lock + Bridge)
Locking via Nuki App
Locking via Nuki Fob
Locking via Nuki Keypad
Use of Nuki Web
Apple HomeKit Integration
Smart Home Integration possible
Smart Lock remote control
Locking from afar
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More details on how to combine Apple HomeKit and Nuki can be found on our Nuki Blog.
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  • Why do I need the Bridge (benefits/uses)?

    The Nuki Bridge connects your Smart Lock with the Internet; you can control and manage it remotely at any time using your Nuki smartphone app. Use the app to lock and unlock your door on the go, check the log, and assign access permissions.
    Remote access is not restricted to the Nuki app; if needed, you can also activate Nuki Web to manage the Smart Lock through a browser. If you do not wish to control Nuki remotely, you don’t need the Bridge either. In this case, you can control the Smart Lock via Bluetooth.
  • What are the requirements for using the Nuki Bridge?

    To connect your Smart Lock to the Internet, you need the Nuki Bridge. For this, your Bridge needs to receive a Wi-Fi signal with 2.4 GHz.
    The Nuki Bridge can generally be used with a power supply of 110 to 240 V. Please note that a socket in the immediate vicinity (<5 m distance) of the Smart Lock should be used to guarantee an optimal connection between the Bridge and the Smart Lock.

    Click on the following link to find more information on the ideal alignment of the Bridge to guarantee a stable connection between the Bridge and the Smart Lock.
  • Can I connect more than one Smart Lock with one Bridge?

    You can, in principle, connect up to five Smart Locks with one Bridge. It is important that each Smart Lock is within Bluetooth range of the Bridge and that the devices are properly connected with one another.

    You can find tips on the optimal alignment of the Nuki Bridge here.
  • Do I need the Nuki Bridge for Apple HomeKit control?

    Whether you still need a Nuki Bridge even though you have the Apple HomeKit installed essentially depends on your personal situation.
    You can use HomeKit to remotely lock and unlock the door through the Home App. If you have a knob or a bar on the outside of your door, “unlock” always automatically means “open door” (the door is unlatched and opens).

    If you also want to control your Smart Lock on the go using the HomeKit, you need a “Bridge replacement” as a control centre. This needs to be connected to the Smart Lock via Bluetooth. This control centre can be an Apple HomePod, an iPad, or an AppleTV.

    Generally, the functionalities and features of the Home app are limited compared to the Nuki app (you can only “unlock/open the door” and “lock”).
    If you wish to use all Smart Lock functions (such as managing access permissions), we recommend using the Nuki Bridge. Then you can simply use the Nuki app to have all Smart Lock functions at your disposal. Of course, you can also use both at the same time. This way, you can access your Smart Lock with the Nuki app via the Bridge and use the Home App via your control centre located within Bluetooth range of your Smart Lock.
  • Can I also manage the Smart Lock on the computer? What are the requirements?

    If your Nuki Smart Lock is connected to a bridge and thereby the Internet, you can also manage your Smart Lock using your computer. To do so, you first need to activate Nuki Web. With Nuki Web, you can use all the functions offered by the Nuki app through a browser. In addition, you can use Nuki Web to very easily integrate your Smart Lock into your existing Smart Home environment.

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You’ll love the perfect combination.

Extend your Smart Lock with the Nuki Bridge and enjoy full online access. Anywhere, anytime.

Smartes Bluetooth Türschloss - Nuki Smart Lock
Bluetooth Türschloss kombiniert mit WLAN
Die Nuki Bridge ermöglicht Dir den Zugang zu deinem Türschloss aus der Ferne
Sperre Deine Türschloss via WLAN auf.
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