Brings your Smart Lock & Opener online: Nuki Bridge

The Nuki Bridge lets you access your Nuki devices remotely. Control your door online and keep track of your Smart Home at all times with the Nuki app.

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Nuki Bridge

Control your Smart Lock and Opener
remotely online

Remote unlock

Open for a handyman, dog sitter or deliveries, even if you are not at home.

24/7 control

Stay in perfect control of who came or left home while you’re at work or on holiday.

Smart Home Integration

Connect your Nuki with other Smart Home services to make your life more convenient.

Open the door to your
smart lifestyle

The Nuki Bridge delivers full access to your Smart Lock – wherever you are: Want to check if your kids have arrived home safely? Or open your door remotely? With the Nuki Bridge, you always have a sense of security. You can conveniently lock and unlock your door from a distance.

Nuki Bridge Nuki Smart Lock Remote

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You can find out more about how Apple HomeKit works with Nuki here.

Here’s how the
Nuki Bridge works

The Nuki Bridge is the link between your home Wi-Fi and your Nuki products like the Smart Lock or Opener. Control your devices from anywhere in the world with the Nuki app, monitor your door 24/7 and manage your settings remotely.

  • Control your devices remotely with your smartphone or from your web browser
  • Control your devices with Nuki Web (browser)
  • Make Nuki a part of your Smart Home with intelligent integrations
  • The Nuki Bridge is required for Smart Home integrations with Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Nuki Bridge Smart Lock Opener

Smart add-on for your Smart Lock 3.0

You gain these advantages from combining the Nuki Bridge with your Smart Lock 3.0

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 WhiteSmart Lock 3.0

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 White + BridgeSmart Lock 3.0 + Bridge
Locking via Nuki App
Locking via Nuki Fob
Locking via Nuki Keypad
Use of Nuki Web
Apple HomeKit integration
Smart Home integration possible
Smart Lock remote control
Locking from afar

  • When do I need a Nuki Bridge?

    The Nuki Bridge brings your Nuki devices, like the Smart Lock or Opener, online. You can control and manage them remotely at any time with the Nuki app. With the Nuki Bridge, you can lock and unlock your door on the go, view the activity log or assign access permissions. The Nuki Bridge also allows for integration into different Smart Home systems.

    You can access and manage your devices remotely with the Nuki app or, if you prefer, with your browser through Nuki Web (registration required). The Nuki Bridge also offers developers a foundation for various connections to their Smart Home. Go to the Developer Forum (API connection)

    The following products are compatible with the Nuki Bridge:
    • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro)
    • Nuki Opener
    • Nuki Smart Door
    • Nuki Smart Lock 2.0
    • Nuki Smart Lock 1.0

    You usually don’t need a Nuki Bridge for the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. The Wi-Fi function is already built into our Pro products. If you still want to integrate your Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro into special Smart Home solutions, you can of course connect it to the Nuki Bridge.

    If you don’t plan on controlling your Nuki devices remotely, you don’t need a Bridge. In this case, you operate your Smart Lock via Bluetooth.
  • What are the requirements for the Nuki Bridge?

    In order to bring your Nuki devices (Smart Lock, Opener) online and control them remotely, you need the Nuki Bridge. The following requirements must be met:

    • The Nuki Bridge should be plugged in as close as possible to your Nuki devices. It’s important to remember that, to ensure an ideal connection between the Bridge and the Smart Lock or Opener, an outlet in the immediate vicinity (<5 m away) should be used. Here’s how you set it up
    • Choose an outlet that the Bridge can be permanently plugged into.
    • You have Wi-Fi with a 2.4 GHz signal (standard version) within range of the Bridge.
    • The Nuki Bridge can be used with virtually all conventional outlets (power supply from 110 to 240 volts).

    Click on the following link to find more information on the ideal alignment of the Bridge to guarantee a stable connection.
  • Can I connect multiple devices with a Nuki Bridge?

    Generally speaking, multiple Nuki devices (Smart Lock, Opener) can be connected to a Nuki Bridge at the same time. It is important, however, that each device is within Bluetooth range (max. 5 metres) of the Bridge. You can find tips for the ideal alignment of the Nuki Bridge here.
  • Can I also manage my devices on my computer?

    If your devices are connected to a Bridge and are therefore online, you can also manage them through your PC. To do so, you first need to activate Nuki Web. With Nuki Web, you can use all the functions offered by the Nuki app through a browser. In addition, you can use Nuki Web to very easily integrate your Smart Lock into your existing Smart Home environment.
  • How securely is my data being handled?

    You don’t need a user account to use the Nuki Smart Lock or Opener, and your data is not stored on our servers. This applies both to using Nuki within Bluetooth range and via Wi-Fi if you’ve connected your Nuki device to a Nuki Bridge. Whenever possible, your data will only be processed on your end devices.

    Of course, you can also use our cloud service Nuki Web, which requires data caching on our servers for processing. This Nuki service is optional, and you are free to decide whether you want to use it and for how long. You can find more information about this here.
  • Do I need the Nuki Bridge for Apple HomeKit control?

    You do not necessarily need the Nuki Bridge to use the HomeKit; however, the functionalities of the Home app are limited compared to the Nuki app and there are considerably fewer features available. It essentially depends on your personal usage situation. If you wish to use all Smart Lock features, we recommend using the Nuki Bridge together with HomeKit.

    You can find a few examples of its use here:

    Using features of the Nuki app
    If you wish to use all Smart Lock features (such as managing access permissions), we recommend using the Nuki Bridge. Then, you can simply use the Nuki app to have all Smart Lock features at your disposal.

    Using Bridge and HomeKit at the same time
    Of course, you can also use both at the same time. This way, you can access your Smart Lock with the Nuki app via the Bridge and use the Home app via your control centre located within Bluetooth range of your Smart Lock.

    Remote Smart Lock control
    If you also wish to control your Smart Lock on the go using the HomeKit, you need a “Bridge replacement” as a control centre (such as an Apple HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV). This needs to be connected to the Smart Lock via Bluetooth.

    You can use HomeKit to remotely lock and unlock the door through the Home app. If you have a knob or a bar on the outside of your door, “unlock” always automatically means “open door” (the door mechanism is unlatched and opens).