Nuki Club: Discover the Nuki Club

Together we are working on smart, digital access solutions for the future. The new Nuki Club is the next step towards a keyless world. It enables all owners and users of a Nuki Smart Lock or Opener to get even more out of their smart access system – and it’s all free of charge and completely non-binding.

The registration is done directly via the Nuki App.

Free Shipping

We want to make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for Club members. This is why the minimum order value does not apply to you, and you benefit from free shipping and returns for your orders in the Nuki Online Shop. It also doesn’t matter whether you decide on a product combination or one of our smart enhancements.

Partner Offers

Only through the intelligent interplay of various products can you transform your house into a Smart Home. In order to offer you the best possible support for networking these gadgets, we have teamed up with relevant Smart Home providers. As a club member, you can access these selected partner offers at discounted prices.

Exclusive Products

As a member of the Nuki Club, you will receive more than just regular interesting offers relating to your electronic door lock and your Smart Home. On top of that, you will also have the option to purchase products exclusively or buy limited quantities before anyone else. We also reward every referral you make to your friends.

Welcome gift to thank you for joining

Become a member of the Nuki Club now for free and secure your personal gift voucher for the Nuki Online Shop. You will receive this automatically via newsletter roughly 30 days after you first sign up. Registering with the Nuki Club is very easy. You can either register after completing a purchase in the Nuki Online Shop or during the setup process via the Nuki app. You can then access it at any time via the sidebar menu in your Nuki app.

Long-term Nuki device protection

We believe in the longevity of our products! In order to ensure a carefree user experience with all of your Nuki products, you can register your devices in the Nuki Club. This means that, in the event of a problem, your products can be replaced quickly and easily by our Nuki Support Team, regardless of where you bought your products.

Recommend Nuki to your friends and get exclusive rewards

True friendship is special! That is why friends also deserve special products that we ourselves believe in. Simply share the referral link with your relatives, neighbours or work colleagues via social media or email. If your friends also opt for a Nuki Smart Lock, you will receive exclusive rewards as a thank-you. Of course, your friends will benefit from this, too: With your referral link, they will each receive an individual € 30 discount voucher for their first order in the Nuki Online Shop.

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Your rewards for successful referrals

1 referral:
Free enhancement for your Nuki Smart Lock

3 referrals:
€50 voucher for the Nuki Online Shop

5 referrals:
Free Nuki Keypad or 2 Nuki Fobs

10 referrals:
€100 voucher for the Nuki Online Shop

Smart Home reimagined

With Nuki and our exclusive partnerships, you can take your Smart Home to a whole new level. As a Club member, you benefit from special offers and receive up to 50% off selected products from well-known Smart Home brands, such as Tado°, Eve or Homey.

Order your Nuki Combo now and take advantage of all Club benefits.

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Great discounts on Nuki Club Community Days

We value you as a loyal member of the Nuki community and would like to say thank you! That is why you can save even more on the Nuki Club Community Days. Twice a year, you get the chance to get Nuki products at very special prices. Strictly limited and only available to Club members!

Always stay informed and get news before anyone else

Smart Homes are a fast growing market segment. That is why we regularly provide you with news on the topics of Smart Homes, security as well as exciting background stories and use cases involving Nuki. You can also choose which areas you are particularly interested in and which categories we should not send you regular updates on.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is joining the Nuki Club free of charge?

    Yes, Nuki Club membership is free and optional. The only requirement is that you are an existing Nuki customer and have or actively use at least one Nuki Smart Lock or Nuki Opener. However, it doesn’t matter whether you bought your products through the Nuki Online Shop, Amazon, local retailers or one of our Nuki Pro sales partners.
  • Where and how can I register for the Nuki Club?

    If you buy your products in the Nuki Online Shop, you can register for the Nuki Club free of charge after completing the order process. However, registration is also possible via the Nuki app, either during the setup process or afterwards via the sidebar menu in the Nuki iOS or Android app. The registration process only takes a few minutes and you can immediately benefit from all the advantages.
  • Do I have to be an owner or user of a Nuki product to benefit from the Club’s advantages?

    Yes, the Nuki Club is exclusive to all owners and users of a Nuki Smart Lock or Nuki Opener. Of course, this also applies if you choose a product combination such as Nuki Combo, Nuki Keypad Combo, Nuki Family Combo or Nuki Opener Combo. You can register after making an order in the Nuki Online Shop or through your Nuki app.
  • Is there a Nuki Club area to keep track of my benefits?

    Yes, all benefits are managed through your free Nuki Club dashboard. The login area is protected with an individual username and password. A one-time registration for the Nuki Club is required to access it. The login details are the same as those you use for the “My Account” area in the Nuki Online Shop, where you can view your order and, if necessary, return it.
  • How can I cancel my membership?

    We’re sorry you want to end your free Nuki Club membership and no longer want to be part of our exclusive community. That said, we know there are very personal reasons for any cancellation and we fully understand this. If you still want to leave the Club, just send a short message to our Nuki Support Team and we will deactivate your membership.