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Nuki is your smart assistant for your everyday life. Both your main entry door and apartment door are automatically opened when you get home.

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Nuki Opener

The Nuki Opener is a retrofit solution for your existing intercom.
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Nuki opens the door for you and those who make your life easier

Allow access for
those who come to help.

Are you caring for loved ones and are not sure if you can get access to their house in case of emergency? With Nuki, you can simply give access to yourself or other caregivers. And your loved one doesn’t even need a smartphone, the key can still be used from the outside and the Smart Lock can be turned from the inside.

Save time and
do yourself good.

Do you lead a busy life, with a busy home to beat? Your worries are a thing of the past! You no longer need to stay at home to let the cleaner or tradesperson in. With Nuki, simply give everyone access from your phone. Because you always have other important tasks waiting.

For holiday rentals
Key handover?
The future is digital.

Key handover is the most involved process of all for those renting out holiday homes. With Nuki, guests and service providers get smart access via the Nuki app, the Nuki Keypad or Nuki Fob.

Never again locked out

Ever found yourself out in the pouring rain in front of your locked front door, simply unable to find your key in that big bag or case? Lots of us have had to deal with the problem of lost keys and expensive duplicates. With Nuki, all this stress is a thing of the past. Your key stays at home from now on. The door opens as if by magic when you approach, with the smartphone actually remaining in your pocket (“Auto Unlock”).

Invite your friends and loved ones.

If you love to have friends and family over, you’ll love Nuki: the door is always open, they can drop by whenever you want them to – once, regularly, or at any time. Nuki will let them in. And just in case something comes up, you don’t even need to be there yourself!

Keep track of who’s entering your home.

If you simply like to know what’s going on, or just want to check if the kids are already home, Nuki has got you covered: see exactly who locked and unlocked your door, and when. Wherever you are.

Complete control!

Nuki gives you peace of mind. No more nagging doubts over whether the door to your house is definitely locked, a single glance at the Smart Lock status on the app takes away your worries. Lock your door with the Nuki Bridge any time and from anywhere – whether you’re heading to the office or away on holiday. You have control of your door. You can also check the activity log to keep an overview of all locking events on your Smart Lock.

Delivery services

Nuki allows you to control your door remotely with total ease. Open the door for delivery services even when you’re out and about. They can easily leave the package in your home instead of taking it to the nearest post office branch.

Why Nuki?

With Nuki’s electronic Smart Lock, lost keys are a thing of the past. Controlled via smartphone, Nuki Fob, Nuki Keypad, or voice assistants by popular providers, Nuki delivers smart access to your home. Open the door to family, friends, or service providers even if you aren’t actually there.

Unlock the full potential of your space

Whether for your sports club, Airbnb apartment, or office building. Nuki provides you with a simple and inexpensive way to provide access to all your members, guests, and co-workers. Even without you present, you can check if the door is locked or unlocked and stay in full control thanks to the activity log.

Smart access for family, friends and service providers

Whether you rent or own: turn your smartphone into a key and invite family members, friends or maybe your cleaner to unlock your door with Nuki. Up to 200 permissions can be issued for one-off, continuous or time-limited access. Lost keys are a thing of the past.

Keyless access to your apartment building: Nuki Box

As soon as the Nuki Box is installed, all residents of a building will be able to take full advantage of the digital access system. The Nuki Box is the ideal solution for property owners, landlords and individualists. The invisible door opener is installed by the owner of the property and turns the smartphone into a digital door opener, even in places where there is no Wi-Fi reception

Nuki Box

Nuki provides you with utmost comfort, without compromising your door’s security.

Hidden from external view

Nuki is mounted to the existing lock cylinder on the inside of your door and is therefore not visible from the outside.

Certified by experts

Nuki does not affect the security level of your door – this has also been confirmed by insurance companies.

Nuki Smart Lock macht dein elektronisches Türschloss sicher!

Recall access permissions

If you lose your smartphone, simply remove the relevant access permission – no need to change your lock or lock cylinder ever again.

Strongly encrypted

Clever end-to-end encryption ensures the highest possible security standard. More information here.