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  • What are the necessary conditions for the Bridge?

    In order to connect your Smart Lock to the Internet and control it remotely, you need the Nuki Bridge. For this, your Bridge needs to receive a Wi-Fi signal with 2.4 GHz (standard version). The Nuki Bridge can generally be used with all common sockets (power supply of 110 to 240 V). Please note that a socket in the immediate vicinity (<5 m distance) of the Smart Lock should be used to guarantee an optimal connection between the Bridge and the Smart Lock.

    Click on the following link to find more information on the ideal alignment of the Bridge to guarantee a stable connection between the Bridge and the Smart Lock.
  • For which sockets is the Bridge available?

    The Nuki Bridge is currently available for the following types of sockets:
    • Type C,E,F (Central Europe)
    • Type G (UK)
    • Type I (Australia)
  • Where is the Bridge installed?

    The Nuki Bridge should be plugged into a socket no further than 5 metres away from the Smart Lock. Additionally, if possible, it is best if there are no obstacles such as walls and doors located between the Smart Lock and the Bridge. Find tips on the optimal alignment of the Nuki Bridge here.
  • Can I connect more than one Smart Lock with one Bridge?

    You can, in principle, connect more than one Smart Lock with one Nuki Bridge. It is important that each Smart Lock is within Bluetooth range of the Bridge (max. 5 metres). Find tips on the optimal alignment of the Nuki Bridge here.
  • Do I need the Bridge if I want to use the Smart Lock 2.0 with HomeKit?

    You do not necessarily need the Nuki Bridge to use the HomeKit; however, the functionalities of the Home app are limited compared to the Nuki app and there are considerably fewer features available. It essentially depends on your personal usage situation. If you wish to use all Smart Lock features, we recommend using the Nuki Bridge together with HomeKit.

    You can find a few examples of its use here:

    Using features of the Nuki app
    If you wish to use all Smart Lock features (such as managing access permissions), we recommend using the Nuki Bridge. Then, you can simply use the Nuki app to have all Smart Lock features at your disposal.

    Using Bridge and HomeKit at the same time
    Of course, you can also use both at the same time. This way, you can access your Smart Lock with the Nuki app via the Bridge and use the Home app via your control centre located within Bluetooth range of your Smart Lock.

    Remote Smart Lock control
    If you also wish to control your Smart Lock on the go using the HomeKit, you need a “Bridge replacement” as a control centre (such as an Apple HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV). This needs to be connected to the Smart Lock via Bluetooth.

    You can use HomeKit to remotely lock and unlock the door through the Home app. If you have a knob or a bar on the outside of your door, “unlock” always automatically means “open door” (the door mechanism is unlatched and opens).

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