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  • From what distance can I lock my door using the Fob?

    The average Bluetooth range varies between 5 and 15 metres, as a result of structural conditions in place. Under optimal conditions, you can control your Smart Lock using the Fob from a distance of approx. 15 metres. Reinforced doors and shielding materials such as glass can restrict the reach of the Fob from the outside.
  • What can I do if my Fob doesn’t lock at the push of a button?

    First, check whether you can control the Smart Lock from the inside. If you only experience problems from the outside, reinforced door or shielding materials might restrict the reach. The LED signals on the Fob indicate why a locking process was not carried out. If the Fob does not indicate any connectivity errors or if the Fob works properly from the inside, try again after changing the batteries.
  • Can I deactivate a Fob in case of loss?

    You can temporarily restrict access permissions for the Fob or also deactivate them. User management takes place through the Nuki app. Choose the Smart Lock in question: Settings > Manage Users. You can view and manage all users with rights here. Together with your Nuki Bridge, you can even do so remotely.
  • Can I control more than one Smart Lock with one Nuki Fob?

    A Fob can receive rights for up to 100 Smart Locks. If you connect your Fob to over 100 door locks, the oldest right is always automatically overwritten. If you give a locking command with your Fob and the Fob is connected to more than one Smart Lock, the command is always given to the Smart Lock with the strongest signal. There is no option to select a lock in this case; the Bluetooth signal strength is decisive.
  • Why does my Fob sometimes lock instead of unlock the door?

    “Intelligent Locking” is active by default; in other words, the Fob unlocks a locked door and locks an unlocked door. With doors with a knob on the outside, you might (consciously) not lock the door but still want to open the door from the outside. In this case, the Fob will lock the door, because it automatically switches from “unlocked” to “locked”. To prevent this action, simply deactivate intelligent locking by the Fob in the Manage Smart Lock menu and specify the desired actions yourself.

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