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  • How do I know if my intercom is compatible?

    You can find out whether you can install the Opener at your home by using our compatibility check. We can gradually validate and continuously expand the list of compatible devices thanks to your feedback. Make sure to subscribe to our Nuki Newsletter so that we can always keep you in the loop.
  • Can I install the Opener by myself at home?

    Like all Nuki Products, the Opener is designed for self-installation. For detailed instructions on how to install and set up your Opener, go to the Nuki app. The required installation material is included with your delivery. The output voltage of the intercom system is in the low range, so installing the system is not dangerous. If you are still wary about installing the Opener by yourself, simply find and contact a Nuki Pro partner (specialist) using our Store Locator.
  • How is the Opener supplied with power?

    The Opener is operated by four AAA batteries; no power is drawn from the building system and a stable power supply is always ensured. This prevents power theft and you can also install the Nuki Opener at your home without your landlord’s approval.
  • Why do I also need a Bridge to use the Opener?

    The Opener communicates through Bluetooth (BLE). However, since a Bluetooth connection between your apartment and the front door of your building is usually not stable enough, or because there might not even be a connection at all, we recommend exclusively using the Opener together with the Bridge, which is connected to Wi-Fi. You can additionally also use the Bridge to remotely open the front door of your building.
  • Is the Opener compatible with the Keypad?

    All Nuki products have been designed for compatibility with each other. This means that the Nuki Opener is compatible with the Keypad and the Fob and they can be linked using the Nuki app. Due to the physical limitations of Bluetooth and the often greater distance between the entrance door and intercom, we unfortunately cannot, however, guarantee orderly function.
  • Can I also control my electric garage door with the Opener?

    In principle, the Opener can be used to control virtually every door. During the setup process using the Nuki app, you have the option to select other doors (e.g. garage, garden gate, switch) in addition to conventional intercom systems. You will find clear instructions on how to connect the Opener to any switch in the app.

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