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  • How can I charge the Nuki Power Pack?

    There are two ways to charge the Nuki Power Pack:

    1. The Power Pack can be removed from the Smart Lock to charge it with a standard USB-C charging cable (included). The Nuki Power Pack is located on the bottom of the Smart Lock. To open it, press the small lever in the arrow direction and take the Power Pack out of the Smart Lock. Then charge the power pack and reinsert it into the Smart Lock.

    2. The Power Pack can also be charged directly on the door while inserted into the Smart Lock. To do this, plug a USB-C charging cable in the appropriate length into one of the two USB-C ports of the Nuki Power Pack and charge the battery directly at the door. Be careful not to block the door with the cable to avoid damaging the Power Pack.Thus, a permanent power supply of the Smart Lock is possible. It is not necessary to unplug the cable to use the Smart Lock.

    The average charging time from empty to full is about 10 hours.
  • How do I know if the batteries or the Power Pack of my Smart Lock are empty?

    Nuki will inform you in several ways if the batteries or the Power Pack of your Smart Lock are running low.
    1. Nuki App

      As soon as the battery status of your Nuki Smart Lock drops below 20%, you will receive a notification in the Nuki app. You can find the notification by tapping on the bell symbol at the top right.

    2. A blinking Smart Lock

      In addition to the message in the Nuki app, the ring of lights on the Smart Lock also signals that the batteries of your Smart Locks will soon be empty.

    3. Push notification

      You can additionally receive push notifications informing you when the battery level drops below 20%.

    4. Email notification

      If you use a Nuki Web account, there is also the possibility to get notified by email when the battery level of your Smart Lock has dropped to a critical level.

  • How long will I get along with a full charge of the Power Pack?

    The Nuki Power Pack is equipped with a total charging capacity of 2500 mAh (4.8V DC | 2.5Ah | 12 Wh).

    The average battery life of conventional alkaline batteries is around 6 months. The Nuki Power Pack lasts twice as long per charge and is also more environmentally friendly than alkaline batteries. With an average use with 8-10 locking processes per day, the Nuki Power Pack will last around 12 months until it is completely empty.
  • How do I know the battery level of the Nuki Power Pack?

    At a power level of 20% Nuki will notify you via the Nuki app and directly on the Smart Lock. So there is enough time to replace your batteries of your Smart Lock or charge the battery of your Nuki Power Pack. In case you are not able to change the batteries or to charge the battery of your Nuki Power Pack in time, you can still use your existing, mechanical key.
  • Is my Nuki Smart Lock compatible with the Nuki Power Pack?

    The Nuki Power Pack is a powerful rechargeable battery pack for your Nuki Smart Lock. It is compatible with every Nuki Smart Lock and can easily be swapped into or out of your Nuki Smart Lock or Nuki Smart Lock 2.0.
  • What happens if the Smart Lock’s batteries go flat?

    As soon as the battery charge level falls below 20%, the Nuki app notifies you, giving you sufficient time to change the batteries or charge the batteries of your Nuki Power Pack. You can also use your key to lock/unlock your door if the lock has an emergency function. The average battery life is around 6 months with alkaline batteries and around 12 months with the Nuki Power Pack. Your Smart Lock’s power consumption will depend on the frequency of locking/unlocking actions and how smoothly they can be carried out.

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