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  • How secure is Nuki?

    Your Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of your door and so nobody can recognise from the outside that you’re using an electronic door lock. Thus, using a Smart Lock does not affect your insurance coverage. Nuki uses state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms such as those in place for online banking. We additionally have independent security institutions regularly inspecting and certifying our Smart Lock. That is why the Nuki Smart Lock was distinguished as the safest international Smart Lock both in 2018 and 2019. You can read more about it here.
  • Is the Smart Lock a good fit for my door?

    You can find out whether your door lock is compatible with Nuki by using our installation check.
  • Can I continue to lock my door with my key?

    Yes, you can continue to lock your door from the outside with the key if your cylinder is equipped with an emergency function or priority function. This means that you can lock your door lock from the outside, even if there is a key inside the lock. It is important that the key inside the lock turns synchronously with the key on the outside. The cylinder must have this feature to ensure that the Smart Lock does not lose its position after locking the door with a physical key. You can find out whether your door lock is equipped with this feature by using our installation check.
  • What to do if I don’t have my smartphone or if the battery is empty?

    If you’ve forgotten your smartphone or if the battery is empty, you can continue to use your physical key to lock the door. In this case, your cylinder must have an emergency function. You can find out whether your door lock is compatible with the Nuki Smart Lock by using our installation check.

    Good alternatives to also open your door simply and quickly without a smartphone are the Nuki Keypad and the Nuki Fob.
  • How can I assign rights to my Smart Lock and revoke them again?

    As a Smart Lock owner, you have the option of assigning fixed, temporally restricted, or recurring rights (e.g. each Monday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.), and revoke them at any time as well. Here you can learn more about assigning individual rights.
  • How do I know if the batteries of my Smart Lock are empty?

    Nuki will inform you in several ways if the batteries of your Smart Lock are running low.
    1. Nuki App

      As soon as the battery status of your Nuki Smart Lock drops below 20%, you will receive a notification in the Nuki app. You can find the notification by tapping on the bell symbol at the top right.

    2. A blinking Smart Lock

      In addition to the message in the Nuki app, the ring of lights on the Smart Lock also signals that the batteries of your Smart Locks will soon be empty.

      Unlocked: The upper segment of the ring of lights blinks three times every 5 seconds.
      Locked: The upper segment of the ring of lights blinks twice every 10 seconds.
    3. Push notification

      You can additionally receive push notifications informing you when the battery level drops below 20%. In the Nuki app, you will find the new option “Manage notifications” under the Smart Lock Settings > Manage Smart Lock. Here, you can log in with your Nuki Web account. This is essential, as notifications will then be transmitted through your Nuki Web account. You can activate Nuki Web in just a few steps.

    4. Email notification

      If you use a Nuki Web Account, there is also the possibility to get notified by email when the battery level of your Smart Lock has dropped to a critical level. To use this feature, simply log into your Nuki Web Account and activate the feature “Battery alerts via Email” in the administration of your Smart Lock. You will be notified by email when it is time to change your batteries.

    Here’s some helpful information on Smart Actions.

    Find out more about batteries and operating life here.
  • How do I activate Auto Unlock?

    The Auto Unlock feature is one of the most popular Nuki Smart Lock features. With Auto Unlock, the Smart Lock automatically unlocks your door as soon as you are within Bluetooth range. You just need to carry your smartphone with you and can simply leave it in your pocket.

    You can activate Auto Unlock in the Nuki app by selecting your Smart Lock and opening the lock settings. Then, activate the “Auto Unlock” feature.

    Find out more about Auto Unlock here:
    How does Auto Unlock work?
    Optimising Auto Unlock
    Information on the Smart Action Center

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