Nuki – Everything’s alright

The Smart Lock for a worry-free holiday

Nuki works with
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Holiday mode on

Nuki allows you to relax and enjoy your holiday to the full, even when you haven’t thought of everything. Nuki makes it super easy to open your door via smartphone for neighbours or friends to look after your plants while you’re out on the beach basking in the sunshine.

Nuki - your electronic door lock


With a Nuki electronic door lock you can give your friends or family members access to your home even when you’re not there.

Our Smart Lock for retrofitting - Our Nuki can be easily mounted by yourself


The Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of your existing door lock and ready to be used within 3 minutes without any further assistance. No screws, no drills.

Nuki Smart Lock is the safest electronic door lock in an international comparison test


Keep control over your Nuki Smart Lock and check the status at any time on your smartphone – no matter where you are.

Holiday ready:

the ultimate checklist for a relaxing vacation

You’ll love the perfect combination.

Combine the Nuki Smart Lock with the Nuki Bridge for full online access – anytime, anywhere.

Smart Bluetooth door Lock - Nuki Smart Lock
Bluetooth door lock combined with Wi-Fi
The Nuki Bridge gives you access to your door lock remotely
Lock your door lock via Wi-Fi.
Save € 29 when you buy a Nuki Smart Lock + Nuki Bridge with our incredible combo offer.
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Frequently asked questions

  • How secure is Nuki?

  • Can I carry on unlocking / locking the door with my key?

    If your lock cylinder has an emergency function, you can carry on locking with your old key. If you can still turn the key from the outside even if a key is in the lock on the inside, the lock has an emergency function. You can use the Nuki Smart Lock on locks without an emergency function (or priority function). However, we recommend to use the Smart Lock on locks with an emergency function only. You can have the emergency function retro-fitted to your existing door lock. For this, contact your locksmith.
  • What happens if the Smart Lock’s batteries go flat?

    The Nuki Smart Lock works with four standard AA batteries. As soon as the battery charge level falls below 20%, the Nuki app notifies you and you have sufficient time to change the batteries. Also you can use your key to lock/unlock if your door lock has an emergency function. Average battery life is around 6 months. Your Smart Lock’s power consumption depends on the frequency of locking/unlocking actions and the ease of actuation of the lock. You can find more information about the batteries here.
  • How can I unlock the door if I’ve forgotten my smartphone or the battery is flat?

    There are many potential ways to actuate your Nuki Smart Lock if your smartphone isn’t available. Nuki offers different add-ons, such as the Nuki Fob or the Nuki Keypad which enable you to lock/unlock the door without a key or smartphone. You can also log into your Nuki Web account via any device with Internet access and open the door from there. If necessary you can also unlock your door with your normal key if your door lock has an emergency function.