My smartphone
is my key

With Nuki you don’t have to carry your keys with you in your bags anymore. That was yesterday, today is Nuki. And you can do so much more with it.

Invite your friends
and loved-ones

If you love to have friends and family over at your house, you’ll love Nuki: Because for them, it’s open house whenever you want them to come – be it once, regularly or anytime, Nuki will let them in. And just in case something comes up, you don’t even need to be there yourself!

See who’s coming
inside your home

If you simply like to know what’s going on, or just want to check if the kids are already home, Nuki has got you covered: See exactly who locked and unlocked your door, and when. Wherever you are.

Save time and
do yourself good

Are you having a busy life, and sometimes even a busy home? No problem at all. You don’t need to wait at home to let the cleaner or craftsmen in. With Nuki, you’ll manage access for all those wonderful people right from your phone. Cause you may have more important things to do.

Allow access for those,
who come to help

Are you taking care for loved-ones and are not sure if you can get access to their house in case of emergency? With Nuki you can simply give access to yourself or other caregivers. And your loved-one doesn’t even need a smartphone. He can keep using his key from outside and will turn the Smart Lock manually from the inside.

Make more out
of your rooms

Doesn’t matter if it’s your sports club, your Airbnb apartment or your office building. Nuki provides you with a simple and inexpensive way to provide access to all your members, guests and co-workers. Even if you are not at your place, you can check if the door is locked or unlocked and stay in full control thanks to the activity log.

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