The smart last mile concept: Nuki in-home delivery
Nuki In-Home Delivery

Save money through flexible 24/7 delivery

As a delivery service provider, you are familiar with the problem: Your delivery personnel are constantly standing in front of a locked door because no one is home. This drives your last mile delivery costs up.

Nuki has a smart solution for this: With the intelligent door lock from Nuki, recipients can open the front door even when they are not home. The last mile concept that delivers: Smart. Flexible. Economical.

Nuki In-Home Delivery

Optimize your
last mile with Nuki.

Yes, optimize now.

No one home? Deliver anyway.

Zusteller:in trifft ein. 1
Delivery person arrives..
Empfänger:in öffnet die Tür mit Nuki. Von überall. 2
Recipient opens the door with Nuki. Anytime and from anywhere.
Zusteller:in legt Lieferung in den Vorraum. 3
Delivery person places delivery in the entryway.
Nuki sperrt zu. 4
Nuki locks up.

Your benefits:

Significant cost savings

Successful delivery on first try: Save time and money by reducing extra trips.

Complete flexibility

Nuki’s smart access solutions can be individually adapted to your business case.

Optimized service

Deliver directly to the entryway. Offer your customers maximum convenience with Nuki.

Quick setup

And off you go. Nuki requires only a small initial effort for acquisition and setup.

Sustainable benefit

Position yourself as an innovator and improve your competitiveness in the long term through smart technology.

Better environmental footprint

Fewer extra trips are also good for the climate. This is how we help to save CO2 together.

Here’s how Nuki works

With the smart door lock from Nuki, your customers can open the front door using the Nuki app. You can share digital keys so that your delivery personnel can deliver flexibly. And afterwards Nuki locks up securely again. That’s how in-home delivery works today.

Nuki App

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Successful cooperations

 Österreichische Post & A1?
 Österreichische Post & A1?
Austrian Post & A1
100 test households, 6 months, 1,700 packages. This is the result of the successful pilot project with Austrian Post and A1. The packages are delivered completely contactless and directly to the entryway. That’s how smart delivery is done these days.
  Veloblitz und
  Veloblitz und
Veloblitz and
With Nuki, the courier services Veloblitz and provide their business customers with even more flexibility: Shipments can now be picked up and delivered outside office hours thanks to Nuki. No more waiting after work, no more worrying about unlocked doors.
Belgische Post & Zalando
Belgische Post & Zalando
Belgian Post & Zalando
How can online shopping be made even more convenient? By delivering the packages directly to the entryway. And returns can also be picked up directly from your home. This is possible thanks to the flexible access solutions from Nuki. Communication also runs smoothly with the Nest video doorbell.
Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
The largest Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn also relies on access solutions from Nuki. With the supermarket’s in-fridge delivery service, customers can have fresh food delivered directly to their fridge. This saves time and increases flexibility for all parties.

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