Installation Check

Check if Nuki Smart Lock fits your door

Answer 7 brief questions to find out if Nuki Smart Lock can be installed on your door lock.

If you are not sure, send us a picture of your door lock to

Does the cylinder have one of the following shapes on the inside of the door? (1/7)


The Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the cylinder on the inside of your door. It is important that the cylinder has the shape of the Euro Profile cylinder or the Swiss roundcylinder. The orientation of the keyhole doesn't matter, it is just about the outer shape. More information on cylinders and the installation requirements for Nuki Smart Lock can be found here.

Can you lock the door from the outside, even if there is a key inserted on the inside? (2/7)

BSZ Funktion

Emergency function:
We recommend mounting the Nuki Smart Lock only on door locks that feature the so-called emergency and hazard function (a.k.a. BSZ or priority function). This function allows you to open the door with your physical key in an emergency when a Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of the door. Please note that the key on the inside of the door should also turn when you unlock the door from the outside. More information about the emergency function.

Do you have an iPhone (4S or higher) or a smartphone with Android operating system (Android 4.4 or higher)? (3/7)

iOS oder Android

To be able to set up a Smart Lock you need the Nuki app. The Nuki app is available for Android (4.4 or higher) and iOS devices (iPhone 4S or higher). You can download it from the app stores (for free).

Not sure which Android version you are using?
  • • Open Settings on your phone
  • • In the System sub-menu, look for "About phone"
  • • Click "About phone" and you will see which version of Android you are using

Do you use additional locks on your door? (4/7)

Does your door open inwards? (5/7)


Is the backset bigger than 30mm? (5b/7)

The backset is the distance from the center of the keyhole to the outer edge of the door.

Is the key bow (where you hold the key) thicker than 4mm? (6/7)


N.B.: If a removable plastic cap is fitted to your key that makes the key thicker than 4 mm, it must be removed.

Does the key protrude more than 40mm from the lock? (7/7)


Installation Requirements


Euro Profile Double Cylinder

with emergency function


Swiss Round Cylinder

with priority function


Door fitting

shield or rosette fitting


Knob or handle

Nuki can pull the latch


Multipoint lock

Nuki can work with that


Vertical key channel

no problem for Nuki


UK Oval Cylinder

does not work


American Dead Bolt

does not work


Knob cylinder

Nuki can’t work with knobs on the inside


Additional security lock

does not work


Automatically locking lock

does not work