Open your door via fingerprint or entry code: Nuki Keypad 2

With the Nuki Keypad 2, you can open your door faster than ever. It is the ideal accessory for your Nuki Smart Lock.

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Nuki Keypad 2

You’ve never unlocked your door
this quickly before



You open the door with your fingerprint in just a few seconds.



All you need to unlock your door is your fingerprint.



The fingerprint sensor guarantees you the highest level of security.

Nuki Keypad 2 mit Fingerprint

Simply for everyone

The Nuki Keypad 2 is

… for people who can’t or don’t want to use a code, such as young children or seniors

… for people who don’t have their own smartphone

The Nuki Keypad 2 is

… because you can open your door very quickly and easily

… because you can even leave your smartphone at home

… because it’s no longer a problem if your smartphone’s battery runs out

159 € Buy now

Every feature at a glance

Einfache Montage

Simple mounting

Fix the Nuki Keypad 2 quickly and easily to the outside of your front door.

Perfect accessory

Perfect accessory

Use the Nuki Keypad 2 alongside the Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Smart Lock Pro.

Individueller Zutritt

Individual access

Save up to 20 fingerprints and 200 entry codes in your Nuki app.

Elegantes Design

Elegant design

Like the entire product family, the Keypad 2 boasts a stylish, clean design.

The ideal set for you

Nuki Smart Lock Pro

Nuki Logo  
Home Set Pro

With the Nuki Home Set Pro, you can conveniently open your front door with your smartphone, fingerprint or entry code.
  • Nuki Smart Lock: Open your door with your smartphone, smartwatch or Auto Unlock
  • Nuki Keypad 2: Open your door with your fingerprint or a 6-digit entry code

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Compare our Keypads

Nuki Keypad
Nuki Keypad 2
Nuki Keypad 2 Pro
Open the door via fingerprint
Open the door with an entry code
Easy DIY assembly
Easy DIY assembly
Installation by specialist recommended
Direct power connection
Battery life
Up to 18 months
At least 12 months
Continuous power supply
(or battery operation)
Silicone cover
Plastic (PC+ABS)
Stainless steel front

  • How does assembly work?

    You mount the Nuki Keypad 2 on the outside of your front door by gluing it to the door frame. The Nuki Keypad is battery-operated, meaning you don’t have to connect any wires or cables during assembly.
  • Do I also need a Nuki Bridge to use the Nuki Keypad 2?

    No, you do not need a Nuki Bridge or internet access to use the Nuki Keypad 2. To use the Nuki Keypad 2, all you need is the Nuki Smart Lock. However, we recommend you purchase the Nuki Bridge so you can access your Smart Lock while on the go and easily assign entry codes remotely.
  • Is my Nuki Keypad 2 compatible with the Nuki Smart Lock?

    The Nuki Keypad 2 is compatible with the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 (Pro), the Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro (4th generation). The two devices communicate with each other via Bluetooth, which means the Nuki Keypad 2 can also be used offline (without internet connection or Nuki Bridge).
  • How is my Nuki Keypad 2 protected against theft?

    Because the Nuki Keypad is mounted on the outside of your front door, it’s visible to people outside. Should your Nuki Keypad be stolen, we offer you a theft replacement guarantee. Just send us a copy of your loss report (issued by the police) and proof of ownership (original invoice) of your Keypad. Once we’ve received your documents, we’ll send you a free replacement product. More information can be found in our Support section.