Turn your smartphone into a smart key!

With Nuki and your smartphone you can bring your existing door lock to the 21st century

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Benefits of the Nuki Smart Lock

  • opens the door automatically when approaching ("Auto Unlock")
  • lock and unlock the door lock with the smartphone
  • No more lost or forgotten keys
  • Management and control of the door lock from afar
  • No more expensive key services
  • compatible with Amazon Alexa and other smart home products

Do you already know how Nuki works?

The intelligent Smart Lock

Automatic Unlocking

With Auto Unlock your door opens automatically when you come home. Your smartphone remains in your pocket.

Control from afar

With Nuki you have full control over your door lock wherever you are. You can control the current status of your door lock - anytime and from anywhere. So you never have to ask yourself if your home is locked safely.

Automatic locking times

If you want, Nuki can lock and unlock your door at defined times.You never have to worry again if your home is unlocked over night.

Always locked - thanks to Nuki

With the Lock ‘n’ Go function, Nuki locks your door automatically after you have left your apartment or your house.

Your Smart Lock

Simple elegance for maximum comfort designed byEOOS

Aluminum door knob to optionally turn the lock by hand
Button on Smart Lock for motorized locking and unlocking and to activate Lock ’n’ Go
LED ring indicates the status of your door lock (locked/unlocked)
Bluetooth 4.0 used to communicate with authorized smartphones
Independent power supply with 4 supplied standard AA-batteries
Elektronisches Türschloss an der Tür

Let Nuki facilitate your life

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you spend with searching for keys?
Through Nuki searching keys has come to an end and you have time for the important things in live!

How do you want to use Nuki?

Do you ask yourself daily if your children have arrived home safely?

Due to Nuki your children don’t need a key anymore which they could lose. They either use their own smartphone or the Nuki Fob. In case that the Fob gets lost, the locking permission can be revoked within a few seconds.

If desired, parents can receive notifications or look into the activity log anytime to see if their children have arrived home safely.

Kind sperrt elektronisches Türschloss
Kind bedient elektronisches Türschloss
Marco A.about the Smart Lock

Due to Nuki I always know when my kids are back home safe.

Nuki Fob: A plus in convenience - even without a smartphone

With the small Bluetooth key fob you can lock and unlock your door even without your smartphone at any time. With this device also people without a smartphone can get access to your home.

Especially for kids, seniors and service providers the Nuki Fob is the perfect solution. Also sportsmen appreciate the convenience because the Nuki Fob fits easily into every small pocket.

The Nuki Fob is shockproof and waterproof and will convince you with its stability as well its battery life of more than 10 years.

One Nuki Fob can be authorised for up to 100 Smart Locks.

Kind sperrt elektronisches Türschloss
Nuki Fob für Kinder
Sebastian S.about the Smart Lock

Due to the Nuki Fob I can give access to my cleaning worker without handing over a key. In this way, I always have control when she can or cannot enter my apartment.

Do you want to leave your keys at home while doing sports?

Elektronisches Türschloss für Sportler - kein Schlüssel mehr

Every sportsman knows the question: Where should I put my key? Either it jingles with every movement or an appropriate pocket for the key is totally missing in the sports outfit, whereas the smartphone is put into a dedicated pocket. Why don’t you leave your key at home in future?

Leave your key at home now

Nuki enhances the efficiency in your company

With Nuki you never have to worry again that an employee loses the key or the office is unlocked over night. Due to the activity log you can check the status of your door at any time and react from afar.

  • With Nuki you can check if your office is locked from anywhere, at any time.
  • You have full control and decide who is allowed to enter the office.
  • Due to automatic locking times your office won’t be unlocked again over night.
  • In addition, you can check who and when was in the office - the activity log can be only checked by someone with administration rights and can also be deactivated if desired.

Nuki is as flexible as your company.

Use your time for more important things in everyday business and don’t waste thoughts anymore on your convenient, physical key.

Make your company smarter

One door and many keys - a matter of costs?

It doesn’t matter if it is an association building, a community room or an Airbnb apartment - the Smart Lock is an easy and cost-effective solution to give access to all members, guests or employees. And if you are not there, you keep the overview with the activity log at any time.

You have better things to do than letting keys being reproduced or handing them over manually.

Save time & money now
Nuki für Büros - keine Schlüsselübergabe

Key management thought one step further

With Nuki Web you have access from your computer to all features you already know from the Nuki App.
  • Detailled activity log

    In the activity log you can see immediatly who and when entered or left which property. This creates safety and gives you better control of your service providers.

  • Clear user management

    Due to the clear user management you can see with Nuki Web at any time who has access permissions to which properties and manage them from anywhere.

  • All Smart Locks at a glance

    Nuki Web gives you a fast and comfortable overview of all Smart Locks of your properties.

The main difficulty with holiday apartments: hand-over of keys

Nuki für Airbnb oder Ferienwohnungen

Do you have a holiday apartment which you share or rent out? Handing over the keys is one of the most laborious matters with holiday or Airbnb apartments.

With Nuki this problem is history: with digital access permissions you decide from afar who, when and how long people get access to your property.

You can also give access to your holiday apartment to cleaning workers or craftsmen, for example, for a limited time period which you can manage and control from afar.

With Nuki you have multiple options to lock you door:

Auto Unlock

read more

Smartwatch App

for iOS & Android

Nuki App

also from afar

Bluetooth Fob

without a smartphone

Voice command

via Amazon Alexa


on the Smart Lock


on the Smart Lock

Nuki Web

locking via a web interface

traditional key*

as in the past

*The prerequisite is a lock cylinder with emergency function (you can still lock your door even when a key is inserted on the inside).

What is Auto Unlock?

When you activate the Auto Unlock function, Nuki unlocks your door automatically when you come home. Your smartphone remains in your pocket.

Elektronisches Türschloss Auto Unlock

Nuki uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you leave your home.

If you approach your home again, the Nuki app is preparing to open your door. When you reach your door, Nuki unlocks it automatically via Bluetooth.

The next Auto Unlock will only be triggered when you move away from your home for more than 100 metres and enter again. So unwanted locking operations are avoided.

Differences of Nuki to other door locks

Nuki offers unique benefits compared to other producers and the conventional key.
Other Smart Locks Conventional key
Locking with the key weiterhin möglich Ja Ja
Locking with the smartphone ja ja nein
Automatic opening while arriving home ja ja nein
Key can be deactivated in case of loss ja teilweise nein
No tedious remodelling work needed ja nein ja
Installed in less than 3 minutes ja nein nein
Quality from Austria & Switzerland ja nein nein
Flexible key fob for children ja teilweise nein
Open interface (API) ja nein nein
Compatible with Amazon Alexa ja teilweise nein
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Experiences of our customers

"NUKI has moved in with us and delights everyone. Auto Unlock via iPhone, locking with Lock ‘n’ Go. Cool is the remote opening with the Bridge. NUKI meets family!"
"I am confinced of Nuki. I have one key less on my key ring and it is perfect when somebody is calling. You also can open the apartement door from afar."
"Installing the Smart Lock and the Bridge as well as connecting to the app was very simple."

"Nuki doesn’t only open doors, it is a perfect starting point into the century of IoT."

"The installation is super easy and done without causing any damages to the door.[...] I was convinced of controlling via the internet and access records."
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Alex über das elektronische Türschloss
Read review
Jerome spricht über das elektronische Türschloss
Read review
Markus ist zufrieden mit Nuki
Read review
Türen sperren mit Nuki
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What experts say

"As an additional opportunity to open the door; even my wife who tends to be sceptical towards technology really likes to use the Nuki. The most popular use case is when we arrive home packed after shopping. The door opens automatically, we get out of the car and enter our house without searching for a key or the smartphone." read whole article
"The Nuki Smart Lock makes your daily life easier - when you use the Auto Unlock function you don’t even have to set aside your shopping bags and you still get into your apartment without any problems. Also opening and locking the door has always worked in the test without any problems." read whole article
"I don’t want to get along without Nuki anymore. The Smart Lock is tremendously practical. Personally, I really like the Lock ‘n’ Go function. Pressing on the button on the Smart Lock twice, Nuki locks the door after 20 seconds. So leaving the apartment is very easy and relaxed and you don’t have to lock the door manually." read whole article
"The concept of the Nuki Smart Lock is well thought through. Especially the installation is very easy and done within minutes. Also the installation and use of the app is manageable easily. It is a plus that the Smart Lock can also be used without the Bridge. A clear recommendation to buy for Nuki." read whole article
"Nuki has been integrated in my daily life and the thought to open the door with a physical key was completely rejected. Since weeks I just tap on my wrist and the door is opened - or closed and locked. As the Apple Watch is permanently connected via WiFi to the iPhone, the key on the wrist can be conveniently used at all times." read whole article

So many customers can’t be wrong.

Equip door with Nuki

Lock your door with your smartphone

Nuki App Sperren Animation - iPhone elektronisches Türschloss
Automatischen Sperren deines elektronischen Türschlosses bei Annäherung
Mittels Nuki-Knopf die Tür manuell sperren - elektronisches Türschloss
Mittels Smartphone Zutrittsrechte für das elektronische Türschloss verwalten
Nuki Protokoll überprüfen, wer das elektronische Türschloss gesperrt hat
Via Smartwatch das elektrononische Türschloss sperren
  • Lock and unlock door

    Lock or unlock the Smart Lock by swiping – either on your smartphone app or through a connected smartwatch.

  • Auto Unlock

    With Auto Unlock turned on, Nuki recognizes your phone without you even touching it and opens the door automatically when you come home.

  • Lock ’n’ Go

    When you leave your home and Nuki should lock the door, use the Lock ‘n’ Go function. Either with the Nuki app or directly with the button on the Smart Lock.

  • Access permissions

    Manage home access for your family, friends, guests, craftsmen or baby-sitter – on a permanent, recurring or one-time basis.

  • Activity log

    By enabling Nuki’s activity log, the app gives you a complete list of whoever locked or unlocked your door, and when.

  • Smartwatch integration

    Nuki apps are also available for Apple Watch and Android Smartwatches. Lock and unlock your door right from your wrist.

Do you already know how Nuki is installed?

Montage des elektronisches Türschlosses Schlüssellos mit Nuki Schlüsselübergabe bei Ferienhäuser Nuki Smart Lock für automatisches Sperren

Nuki is an extension for your existing door lock

  1. Install the mounting plate on the existing key cylinder
  2. Insert existing key
  3. Attach Smart Lock to the mounting plate
  4. Done!
Montage vom elektronischen Türschloss

Nuki installation - it doesn’t get any easier!

The Nuki Smart Lock can be installed on the existing lock cylinder within a few minutes. Depending on the overhang of your cylinder, you either choose the supplied clamp plate (mounting plate A) or the sticky pad (mounting plate B).

Automatisches Türschloss für maximalen Komfort
Uweabout the Smart Lock

The installation is super easy and done without causing any damages to the door.

Rowdy über das automatische Türschloss
Rowdyabout the Smart Lock

It was installed within 4 minutes and it works as it should!

Are you tenant?

Both mounting plates can be removed without any residues in case of need. Therefore Nuki is the optimal solution for rental properties and you don’t need the approval of your landlord.
Your door remains undamaged and Nuki can be removed without any residues in case of need.

How does your door pull look on the outside?

Nuki can be mounted on doors with a door handle.
Nuki can be mounted on doors with a knob on the outside. Nuki can pull the latch and hold it for 2 seconds.
Nuki can be mounted on doors with a pole on the outside. Nuki can pull the latch and hold it for 2 seconds.

My key and the Smart Lock

Key & insurance

Nuki is installed on top of your key on the inside of your door. Nuki just turns the key, therefore your insurance coverage won’t be affected.

Multipoint lock

In the initial calibration process Nuki recognizes how many times the key has to be turned. It doesn’t matter if you need rotations of 360°, 720° or more to lock the door.

European standards

Nuki was developed in Austria and is produced in Switzerland. Our Smart Lock is compatible with Euro Profile Double Cylinders and Swiss Round Profile Cylinders.

My door is stiff

As long as you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to turn your key, Nuki won’t have any problems to open your door. In general, the batteries last longer if your lock is running smoothly.

Emergency function

If you can lock your door from the outside while a key is inserted on the inside you have a key cylinder with emergency function (also known as external key override function).
You need this function to be able to still lock with your physical key from outside while Nuki is installed on the inside of your door.

Does Nuki fit on my door?

No worries - in our installation check you find out if your door is compatible with Nuki. You can also write us - we will be glad to help you.

For how many doors do you want to use Nuki?

Nuki is ideal for your home.
Each door you want to lock with Nuki, you need a Smart Lock. The range of the Bridge is around 5 metres. Depending on the distance between the doors you need at least one Bridge to have access from afar. If you want to buy Nuki on a large scale get in touch with our sales team!

You are not sure if Nuki fits your door?

In the installation check you find out if Nuki is compatible with your door by answering a few simple questions. Just go to your door and answer the questions.

Do installation-check now

You are currently too busy to do the installation check or you are not close to your door?
No problem - we will gladly send you a reminder with the link to the installation check via mail.

request reminder by e-mail

Safety of your Smart Lock

The safety level of Nuki is certified

The communication of the Smart Lock is End-To-End encrypted. The same security standards are used in online banking and were proven by independent safety experts. With these safety precautions it is not possible for third parties or the company Nuki to get access to your Nuki Smart Lock.

read more about security

Frequently asked questions about our Smart Lock


How do I open the door if the Nuki batteries are empty?

The batteries of the Smart Lock should last around 6 months (calculated with 8 locking operations / day). When the battery voltage is under 20%, you will receive a notification from the Nuki App and you have enough time to change the batteries.


Can I also open the door with my conventional key?

If you can lock your door from the outside when a key is inserted on the inside you have a key cylinder with emergency function (also known as external key override function).
You need this function to still be able to lock your door with your physical key even when Nuki is installed on the inside.


Does Nuki fit on my door?

The Nuki Smart Lock can be retrofitted on every door with Euro Profile Double Cylinder or Swiss Round Profile Cylinder. You can find out more about that in our installation check.


How safe is Nuki from hackers?

The communication of the Smart Lock is End-To-End encrypted. The same security standards are used in online banking and were proven by independent safety experts.


How do I open the door when my smartphone battery is empty?

We recommend to use a key cylinder with emergency function with the Nuki Smart Lock. With this function you can also unlock your door with a conventional key from the outside if need be, even when the Nuki Smart Lock is installed. Moreover, the Smart Lock can be unlocked with the Nuki Fob or another smartphone with locking permission. Alternatively, you can also log-in on your Nuki Web interface via any web-connected device to lock and unlock your door.


Is Nuki compatible with HomeKit?

The HomeKit support is one of the most common inquiries we get. As customer requests have top priority for us, we are glad to announce that we are already working actively on a HomeKit integration.

Nuki integration in other smart home systems

You have already set up your Smart Home and want to integrate Nuki in your existing system? No problem! Nuki is already compatible with many systems and will further improve its compatibility in the future. To achieve this goal, we are constantly working on implementations of other integrations of our Smart Lock.

A combination you will love.

Extend your Smart Lock with the Nuki Bridge and control your Smart Lock also from a distance. Anytime, from anywhere.

Smartes Bluetooth Türschloss - Nuki Smart Lock
Bringe dein Smart Lock ins Internet!
Save € 29,- if you buy a Nuki Smart Lock + Nuki Bridge with our perfect combination deal.
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