Your smart front door:

Nuki Smart Door

Are you fulfilling your dream of buying your own home? The Smart Door is the perfect solution for new builds. The smart technology of Nuki is built directly into your front door.

We work with leading door manufacturers, trade companies and carpenters where the Smart Door is available as an all-in-one solution.

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Nuki Smart Door

Nuki Smart Door

The Nuki Smart Door turns your
smartphone into a smart key

Open with Auto Unlock

Open your smart door with your smartphone, smartwatch or automatically with Auto Unlock.

Practical add-ons

Open the Smart Door without a smartphone, either with the Nuki Keypad or the Nuki Fob.

Always keep track of things

Use the Nuki app to monitor who has come and gone while you’re at work, on the go, or on holiday.

Assign secure access permissions

Share digital keys for your Nuki Smart Door with family and friends with ease using the app.

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Nuki Smart Door
Everyday life can be easy with the
Nuki Smart Door

Nuki integrated directly
into your door

Invisible from the outside, the Smart Door offers all the features of the Nuki Smart Lock – directly installed in a high-quality door. The door manufacturer installs the Nuki Button into the inside of your door and connects it to an existing motor lock. For remote control, you can connect the Smart Door with the Nuki Bridge.

The Nuki Button is available in different shapes and colors – matching your door.

  • Round Silver
  • Square Silver
  • Round Black
  • Square Black
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Nuki Smart Door Integrationen

Intelligently networked
and voice-activated

Would you like to integrate your smart door into your smart home environment? The Nuki Button is compatible with a wide range of smart home systems. Thanks to the add-ons, you can control your door with voice commands, switch off the lights when you leave your house and securely close your front door automatically with Nuki.

Alexa, Google, Ring

Control your Smart Lock
with the convenient app

Available for many devices

The free Nuki app is available for iOS, Android and Huawei smartphones. You can set up, operate and manage all your Nuki products with the Nuki app.

Nuki App Stores
Open doors with Auto Unlock

With the Auto Unlock function, the Nuki Smart Lock recognises your phone in your pocket and automatically opens the door for you – for hands-free entry.

Open and lock with a swipe

Lock and unlock the electronic door lock by simply swiping your smartphone or from the comfort of your wrist with your smartwatch.

Access permissions for your loved ones

Assign and manage access permissions for your family, friends, guests or babysitters – either recurring or temporary.

Activity log for a full overview

With the Nuki app, you always know who has locked your door and if it’s securely locked.

Use Nuki with your smartwatch

The Nuki app is also available for the Apple Watch, Android smartwatches (Wear OS) like the Garmin Watch, the Galaxy Watch (Tizen OS) and the Huawei Watch (HarmonyOS).

Nuki Smart Lock App

Where can you buy
the Smart Door?

You can buy the complete Smart Door from leading door manufacturers.
Your trusted carpenter or trade company can also make your custom Smart Door for you.

Our partners assemble your front door according to your wishes.
They buy the Nuki components for the Smart Door directly from us and install them into your door.

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Compare the Smart Door with the Smart Lock

Find out which Nuki solution is the best for you.

  Nuki Smart Door
Smart Door
Nuki Smart Lock 3.0
Nuki Smart Lock
Solution integrated in the door retrofit solution for existing door
Mounting by qualified personnel DIY-solution
Area of application for newly installed door retrofit on existing door
Operation continuous power supply batteries / Power Pack
Volume almost silent audible
Can be used with keys Ja Ja
Integration to smart home systems Ja
(except Apple HomeKit)

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about the Nuki Smart Door?

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  • Where can I get a Smart Door?

    You can get the complete Smart Door from selected retail partners, such as DANA, Gaulhofer, KAPO and many other Smart Door partners. Your trusted carpenter or trade company can also manufacture a custom Smart Door for you. Both the components and the instructions for creating the Smart Door can be found in our Nuki Pro partner Online Shop.

    You can find all our partners on this partner map.

    In our Online Shop, you can only purchase the components for manufacturing the Nuki Smart Door, such as the Nuki Button and the motorised lock, but not the entire door.
  • What requirements must be met before installing the Nuki Smart Door?

    For the Nuki Smart Door, there must be a secure power supply to the door, and an outlet must be prepared for the Nuki Bridge. You can find more requirements in this PDF.
  • How much does the Smart Door cost?

    The effective final price of a Nuki Smart Door depends on many factors. However, the largest share is attributed to the material costs of the door itself. For example, a Smart Door made of solid wood is, of course, more expensive than one with veneer. For reference: The Smart Door is priced similarly to a traditional motorised door with a fingerprint solution. However, with Nuki, you not only benefit from keyless everyday life, but also from the entire smart ecosystem.
  • I want to become a Smart Door partner and sell the Nuki Smart Door – how does that work?

    Are you a trade business, carpenter, joiner, specialist or door manufacturer and would like to produce and sell a Smart Door? In our Nuki Pro partner Online Shop you can order the components for the Nuki Smart Door such as the Nuki Button or the KFV GENIUS motorised lock, directly from us. This means you can tailor the Smart Door to your customers’ individual needs.

    Register as a Nuki Pro partner.
  • How is the Nuki Button connected to the motorised lock?

    The Nuki Button is connected directly to the motorised lock via a cable and supplies the Nuki Button with power.

    You can buy compatible KFV GENIUS motorised locks directly from us in the Nuki Online Shop or the Nuki Pro Online Shop.
  • Can the Nuki Smart Door be opened with a key?

    Yes, the Nuki Smart Door can also be opened with a conventional key, if necessary.
  • How do I get into my house if I forget my smartphone, or the battery runs out?

    There are numerous ways to open the Smart Door if an authorised resident does not have their smartphone to hand. For example, the Nuki Smart Door can be controlled with one of the Nuki add-ons, such as the Nuki Keypad or the Nuki Fob. Or an authorised person can open the door for you remotely. However, you can also use your regular key to open your door in an emergency.
  • Can the Nuki Button be retrofitted into the door?

    No, we do not recommend retrofitting the Nuki Button into an existing door because this is extremely time-consuming. Not only does this involve carrying out milling work on the door, a fully motorised lock that is compatible with the Nuki Button must be also available. This means that the door has to be supplied with power and this usually involves replacing the entire door. However, our Smart Door partners will be happy to help you select your Smart Door. Find your Smart Door partner here.