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Nuki Pro Partner

Nuki Pro partners

Are you looking for comprehensive, personal support from trained sales staff in a specialist store? Then you’re in safe hands with our Nuki Pro partners.

Nuki Pro Installationspartner

Nuki Pro installation partners

Our Nuki Pro installation partners are happy to offer specialist advice and install and integrate our products into your smart home for you. As certified experts, they are pros in their field and will gladly do the work for you.


Retail sellers

For those who prefer to buy from retailers in person. Be sure to enquire about product availability with the retailer in advance.

Nuki Pro Installationspartner

Smart door partners

If you’re interested in an all-in-one solution, then look no further than our smart door partners. Undetectable from the outside, a smart door offers all the features of the Nuki Smart Lock, built right into a high-quality front door.

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