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The Nuki Skill for Amazon Alexa allows you to control your Nuki Smart Lock with Alexa.

Supported commands

– Unlock (PIN required)
– Lock
– Open door (PIN required)
– Lock ‘n‘ Go (PIN required)
– State check
– Activity log (tells the last 5 activity log entries in Nuki Web)

To use the Nuki Skill you need a Nuki Smart Lock, the Nuki Bridge and a free Nuki Web account.

Interaction with Alexa

There are several ways to tell Alexa what you want your Nuki Smart Lock to do. You can say the invocation name “Nuki” at the beginning or at the end of your command.

“Alexa, open Nuki.”
“Alexa, tell Nuki to lock the door.”
“Alexa, ask Nuki to open the door.”   (PIN required)
“Alexa, unlock the door with Nuki.”   (PIN required)
“Alexa, ask Nuki to perform Lock ‘n’ Go.”   (PIN required)
“Alexa, ask Nuki for the state.”
“Alexa, ask Nuki for the activity log.”

You can also ask for help by opening the Nuki Skill and then saying “help”.


1. Activate Nuki Web in your Nuki App.
2. Activate the “Nuki” Skill in the Alexa app and give it access to your Smart Lock via Nuki Web.
3. Set your personal PIN-Code (4 to 10 digits).

Opening the door with a PIN

To make it possible for you to open your door with Amazon Alexa, we decided to create an Alexa Custom Skill with PIN protection. With a Smart Home Skill unlocking would not be possible at this time. Therefore, unlocking doors with Alexa only works with a PIN code. This is required by Amazon for security reasons.

If you want to be able to unlock your door with Alexa, you have to set a PIN in the account linking process. Your PIN must be 4 to 10 digits. If you do not want Alexa to be able to unlock your door, just leave the field for the PIN blank.

If you use an incorrect unlocking PIN three times, you will need to set the PIN code again in the account linking, before you can unlock your door again.

Hint: Your PIN can consist of 4 to 10 digits, but unfortunately Alexa sometimes can not correctly understand the word “zero” or “null”. If this is the case, simply use another PIN without a zero.

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