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Locking with the Nuki app via buttons or swipe gestures

With the Nuki app you can lock or unlock your Smart Door via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth range is about 10 meters. The range can be reduced by doors, walls and other interference. If you have a Nuki Bridge, you can even lock or unlock your door from afar.

Tap on the Smart Doorin your Nuki app and choose a button with the desired locking operation. You have the choice between:
– Unlock
– Lock
– Open door (pulls the latch if you have a door knob)
– Lock ’n’ Go (unlocks door and locks it again after 20 seconds)

By swiping left or right you lock or unlock your door quickly. The default setting for swipe gestures is “intelligent”. This means that Nuki unlocks the door if it is locked, and locks the door, when it is unlocked. You can change the settings for swipe gestures by tapping on the Smart Door in the Nuki app and opening the settings of the lock. Then choose “Actions” “Swipe right” or “Swipe left”, to adapt the function to your personal preferences.

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