Nuki Smart Lock works with four standard AA batteries. These are included in your Nuki package. You can get new ones in any supermarket.

The battery lifetime is strongly related to the number of locking procedures and also to the smoothness of the locking operation. In standby mode Nuki needs a minimum amount of power. Assuming an average of 8-10 locking operations per day, Nuki’s batteries will last for about 10 months.

At a power level of 20% Nuki will notify you via the Nuki App. So there is enough time to replace your batteries of your Smart Lock. In case you are not able to change the batteries in time, you can still use your existing, mechanical key

To replace the batteries, proceed as follows:


1) The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the Smart Lock. To open it, press the small lever in the arrow direction and take the battery compartment out of the Smart Lock.
2) Replace the batteries and insert the battery compartment back into the Smart Lock.