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Installation Check

Answer 7 brief questions to find out if Nuki Smart Lock can be installed on your door lock.
Euro Profile Double Cylinder

Euro Profile Double Cylinder

with emergency function


Swiss Round Cylinder

with priority function

door fitting

Door fitting

shield or rosette fitting


Knob or handle

Nuki can pull the latch

Multipoint lock

Multipoint lock

Nuki can work with that


Vertical key channel

no problem for Nuki


UK Oval Cylinder

does not work


American Dead Bolt

does not work


Knob cylinder

Nuki can’t work with knobs on the inside


Additional security lock

does not work


Automatically locking lock

does not work

Euro Profile Double Cylinder (with emergency function)

We recommend using Nuki Smart Lock only with cylinders which have an emergency function. This function ensures that the cylinder can be used with a key on one side, when another key is inserted on the other side. Different suppliers of cylinders name this function differently, so e.g. it’s called “emergency function” or “external key override function”. Note that your key should rotate at the inside when you lock from the outside.

Usually, the exchange of your existing cylinder is not necessary, as most doors are already fitted with Euro Profile Double Cylinders. Nuki Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of your door on your existing Europrofile Double Cylinder. There is no need to make any changes on your door and therefore, you can still use your existing physical keys.

If you use a Nuki Smart Lock on a cylinder without emergency function, you can not lock the door with your mechanical key from the outside. Most locks can be simply extended with an emergency function. You can get more information about that from your local locksmith.

Indoor use only

The Smart Lock is designed for indoor use only. The operating temperature of the Smart Lock is in the range of 10–40°C. You must not mount a Smart Lock outdoors (e.g. at the garden gate), since it is not weather-resistant and can be removed.

Door fitting: Handle or knob

Nuki Smart Lock can pull the latch and is therefore suitable for doors with handle as well as for doors with knob on the outside. In the Nuki app you can configure whether Nuki should only unlock your door or even pull the latch to open the door for you.

Select your existing door fitting during the initial setup of your Smart Lock. To change the settings for your door fitting later, tap on the desired Smart Lock in the Nuki app and enter the lock settings. Then go to “Manage Smart Lock”. Here you can find the option “Choose door fitting” to change the setting.

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