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Thanks to the redesigned key adapter, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is also compatible with standard knob cylinders.

If you have a knob cylinder on the inside of your door, no problem: When ordering your new Smart Lock in the shop, simply select the option “I have a knob cylinder on the inside of the door and would like to order an adapter set free of charge” and you will also receive a free adapter.

The supplied adapter set includes 5 different knob cylinder adapters. Simply identify the type of knob cylinder that you have on your door and then use the matrix below to decide which is the right adapter.



Disassemble the knob from your cylinder. Keep to the requirements of the cylinder manufacturer.

Adapter Montage 1


Use the specific adapter that fits your cylinder for the assembly of the Smart Lock, instead of the key.

Adapter Montage 2


In the mapping table you can see which adapter fits with which cylinder.

Adapter Montage 3

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