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When you activate the Auto Unlock function, Nuki unlocks your door automatically when you come home. Your smartphone remains in your pocket.

Nuki uses the location of your smartphone to detect when you leave your home. If you approach your home again, the Nuki app is preparing to open your door. When you reach your door, Nuki unlocks it automatically.

Exit Geofence
Enter Geofence

You can activate Auto Unlock by tapping on the Smart Lock in your Nuki app and opening the settings of the lock. Then activate “Auto Unlock”.

You can still lock your door manually with the Nuki app or with the button or knob on the Smart Lock.

The Auto Unlock feature is in beta. We are working on making the Auto Unlock faster and better for you to have the perfect Auto Unlock experience.

Auto Unlock in detail

Auto Unlock works by combining GPS, Bluetooth and Geofences (iBeacons). With the GPS on your smartphone Nuki recognizes when you leave your home. When you approach your home again and enter a Geofence near the Smart Lock, the Nuki app begins to scan for your Smart Lock via Bluetooth. When the Nuki app can establish a Bluetooth connection to your Smart Lock within 20 minutes after entering the Geofence, your door will be unlocked automatically. The next Auto Unlock will only be triggered when you exit the Geofence and enter it again. So unwanted locking operations are avoided.
The Bluetooth range is about 10 meters. The range can be reduced by doors, walls and other interference.

Auto Unlock filter

In the case that you come home with your family or your friends, we included an Auto Unlock filter, so your Smart Lock does not perform numerous unwanted Auto Unlocks consecutively. If, within two minutes, several smartphones send Auto Unlock requests to the Smart Lock, only the first Auto Unlock will be performed by the Smart Lock. The other Auto Unlocks will be filtered for the next two minutes, to avoid unwanted locking operations.

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