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Vive la France!

04.05.2017 Shipping, Update, sebastian.scholz

After the successful market launch in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, we have great news for you again! Nuki Fans might have noticed that the Nuki website and the Nuki app are available in French since a few weeks, yet. After a short beta phase, we are pleased to announce that France is now officially […]

Nuki is coming to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

04.04.2017 Shipping, Update, Angela de Monte

There’s a great demand for Nuki products throughout Europe, however, up to now Nuki products were mainly distributed in Germany and Austria. If people managed to install Nuki outside this region anyways, our Nuki products only spoke German and English. But we have good news for everyone living in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Starting […]

Nuki is now available on Amazon

06.03.2017 Shipping, christoph.eibl

It’s our mission to offer our users a simple and comfortable overall experience. Therefore, we decided to offer our products also on Amazon! 🙂 This means you will profit not only from your usual order process at Amazon, but also from getting the Smart Lock and all enhancements with Amazon Prime even faster. Of course […]

Availability Update For Nuki Smart Lock

20.12.2016 Production, Shipping, Smart Lock, christoph.eibl

Thanks to you, 2016 has been an awesome year! We have started the delivery of our products and got great feedback! Since our launch in November Nuki sales exceeded our expectations so that we are currently sold out of Smart Locks, due to the extraordinary high demand before Christmas! The production will start again after […]

Production Improvements Completed & Shipping Update

02.09.2016 Bridge, Door lock, Production, Shipping, Smart Lock, christoph.eibl

Since our last update two weeks ago we have been focusing on both optimizing the production processes of our Nuki Smart Locks and all tasks essential for shipping the Nuki Bridge. We are more than happy to announce that on both sides everything looks good so far.

Shipping update

06.07.2016 Door lock, Shipping, christoph.eibl

Here’s the first update since we have started shipping the Nuki Smart Lock. Just five weeks have passed and there’s already plenty of new information waiting for you. Read our summary of the first few hundred shipments and initial user feedback, get up to date about shipping forecasts for Smart Lock and Bridge as well […]

Shipping started!

02.06.2016 Shipping, christoph.eibl

Hi everybody, two months have passed since our last blog update and there was a lot going on. With this post we are trying to wrap up everything for you and give you the latest update on the delivery of your Nuki Smart Lock:April 4th: In our last blog update from 4th April we have […]

Shipping-date available

04.04.2016 Door lock, Production, Shipping, Matthias

Hi everybody, As promised in our last blog post, we have updated all your orders with an estimated delivery date in the Nuki Shop system to provide you with more accurate estimates about when you will get your Nuki. Here is how it works: