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SL3 Pro Gratis Door Sensor

“Are you already the proud owner of a Nuki Smart Lock and would like to benefit from the new features? Then we have some good news for you: With the Nuki Upgrade Programme, you’ll soon be given the opportunity to upgrade to the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro.

Like many other companies in the consumer electronics and smart home industry, we at Nuki are currently struggling with worldwide bottlenecks in the semiconductor market. That’s why the new generation of our Nuki Smart Locks – Smart Lock 3.0 and Smart Lock 3.0 Pro – as well as the new Nuki Door Sensor will initially only be available in limited numbers.

At the same time, like with the launch of Smart Lock 2.0, offering another upgrade programme for our satisfied users is a top priority for us. That’s why we will soon be giving you the chance to upgrade your existing Nuki Smart Lock to the latest version at attractive prices. As of February 2022, you will receive a new Nuki Door Sensor worth 39 euros free of charge with every newly purchased Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro upon providing proof of your old Smart Lock ID!

You will be informed via our newsletter as soon as the programme goes live. If you have not yet become a club member or subscribed to the newsletter, you can take the opportunity to do so right here.

We’d be delighted if you took advantage of our upgrade programme and hope you continue enjoying our products until then.

Your Nuki team”

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Black & White

Choose from
two colour options

Power Pack

Rechargeable Nuki Power
Pack included

Every feature at a glance

Alerts for open doors

Receive a notification if your door is open longer than usual or if the door sensor detects a movement in the door.

Lock automatically

Nuki automatically locks your door with Auto Lock as soon as you leave your home. The Door Sensor detects when you close the door.

Maximum security

With the integrated manipulation detection system, the Nuki Door Sensor offers maximum security for your smart home.

Low battery consumption

The Door Sensor and Smart Lock are extremely energy-efficient: The Nuki Door Sensor has a battery life of 2 years.

Nuki Smart Lock 3 Black & White

Choose from 2 colour options

Now available in White

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Nuki Upgrade Program?

    The Nuki Upgrade Program is an exchange program that entitles existing Smart Lock or Combo customers to upgrade to Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 and benefit from a free Nuki Door Sensor on top.
  • Why was the Nuki Upgrade Program created?

    We want to make sure that our long-standing community always stays at the forefront of our latest developments. Some of you have known and supported Nuki from the very beginning, others joined our smart access revolution later on. Many of you have actively contributed to the ongoing development of our products through feedback and suggestions for improvement. With this program, we want to say thank you for your ongoing support and give you the opportunity to upgrade to the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro and receive a door sensor for free on top.
  • Which Smart Locks can be upgraded?

    You can upgrade your existing Smart Lock, no matter if it is a Smart Lock or a Smart Lock 2.0.
  • Who can participate in the program?

    • The Nuki Upgrade Program is reserved for our private customers (without UID number). Separate conditions apply for Nuki sales and business partners. Please refer to your account manager in case of questions.
    • The program is only valid when purchasing a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro through the Nuki online shop.
    • It doesn’t matter where you bought your existing Smart Lock or Combo (e.g. Nuki online shop, Amazon, local retailer, etc.).
  • What do I have to do to participate in the program?

    Simply follow these instructions:
    • visit
    • insert your Smart Lock ID
    • add the desired Smart Lock 3.0 Pro and other desired products to your basket
    • the free Nuki Door Sensor will be automatically added to your cart before the checkout
  • Do I have to send back my old products?