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With the Nuki Lock Screen widgets and the 3D Touch shortcut you can access your Smart Locks even faster.

Nuki Actions Widget
The Nuki Actions widget gives you direct access to your Smart Locks. It can display up to three Smart Locks at once and you can trigger locking actions directly from the widget. Note that only three of your favoured Smart Locks will appear in this widget.

Nuki Locks Widget
The Nuki Locks widget displays the first four of your favourite Smart Locks next to each other. If you want to access your Smart Lock, simply tap on the desired lock in the widget and it will be opened in the Nuki app.

3D Touch Shortcut
Pressing the Nuki app icon on the home screen opens the action bar of the first Smart Lock, which you have marked as a favourite. Here you can quickly trigger the available locking actions.

Setting Smart Locks as Favourite and Changing the Order
The Nuki widgets only show Smart Locks which are set as favourites in the Nuki app. To set a Smart Lock as a favourite, tap on the desired Smart Lock in the Nuki app and enter the lock settings. Here you have the option to set your Smart Lock as a favourite.

To change the order of your favourite Smart Locks open the Nuki app menu (top left) and go to favourites. Then hold down a Smart Lock to move it via drag&drop. The top Smart Lock is displayed first in the Nuki widgets.

Note: To use widgets you need iOS 10.2.1 (or higher).

Learn more about using Widgets on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch here.

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