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Smarter Zutritt zum Co-Working Space mit Nuki
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Smart Access to the Coworking Space with Nuki

Inspírate 06.11.2019 | Admin

A coworking space is an ideal workplace for creative minds who like to work on a flexible schedule. But a shared workspace can also be advantageous for the self-employed. Home office is not necessarily effective because there are many possible distractions at home. In coworking spaces, people from different areas (and companies) often work next to each other. This automatically results in creative inputs and solutions during coffee breaks that you might not have come up with on your own.

But the various opportunities offered by a coworking space also lead to one big disadvantage: since there are no fixed office hours and the people working there can change frequently, a smart access solution is required. After all, the constant production of duplicate keys is not only tedious, but also time-consuming and costly.

Nuki’s smart door lock is an absolutely secure and simple solution for shared office spaces. It can be installed in just a few steps: Simply mount the Nuki Smart Lock on the inside of the entrance door (this is done within 3 minutes), download the free Nuki app and pair it with the Smart Lock – now your smartphone has become a digital key.
The most practical thing about this is that (individual) digital access authorisations can also be sent to other people, for example via WhatsApp (and other messenger services). These digital keys can also be easily removed in the Nuki App settings if needed. If you have any doubts about who entered the office and whether the office door was actually locked, a quick look into the Nuki App is all it takes to be sure.

But how does Nuki work in the everyday life of those working in a coworking space?

We met Sarah and Angie, the founders of Gretel (high-quality bed linen and bedspreads from Austria), in their coworking space and talked to them about their «key problem» that is now, thanks to Nuki, a thing of the past.

In the following video they tell us about their experiences with Nuki: