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Nuki Pro Partner im Interview: “Sicherheit kennt keine Kompromisse” - Security Access, Alarm | Video | Zutritt
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Interview with Nuki Pro Partner: «Security knows no compromises” – Security Access, Alarm | Video | Access

Inspírate 10.10.2019 | Judith Wilfing

What is the Nuki Pro Partner Program? Who is it for? And what advantages does this sales partnership offer customers, Nuki and the Nuki Pro Partners? We have already answered all these questions in the first part of this Nuki Pro series.

In the last blog post, we introduced the Austrian-based locksmith Nistelberger, one of our Nuki Pro partners. This time we have selected an Austrian company from the security industry.

Mr. Widdek, would you please tell us about your company?
Security Access was founded in 2007. We were a relatively small team emerging from a larger security company. Our main focus is on safety. Security Access considers itself a partner for extensive security concepts. With a staff of already 33 people, we offer customized security solutions for alarm, video and access control systems, for private customers as well as for businesses.

How did you hear about Nuki?
We discovered Nuki through a TV spot on Austrian television. The easy installation and administration instantly convinced us. As a security company, we are always interested in the latest Smart Home trends. Of course, we test every product in advance, because we stand behind the brands we sell – it’s about our reputation.

Security knows no compromises
Customers are personally served according to their individual requirements. Our motto is «More professional than the small stores, more personal than the big ones».

Why did you add Nuki to your range?
We only stock premium brands. Security is our core business and we do not want to take any risks in this regard. Before we decided to become a sales partner, we purchased a Nuki Smart Lock for our personal use. So I installed and tested the products at home. Only after having met our strict safety requirements, we added Nuki to our product range. Besides, the AV-Test security certificate guarantees the necessary trust among the customers.

Who are your customers?
Currently, our customer base consists of about 70% of businesses and 30% end consumers. We used to cater to the private sector but this has changed over the last 13 years. Our clients range from small businesses to well-known large companies. Also, we provide services to the public sector.

What feedback do you get from your customers regarding Nuki?
Nuki is often a great addition to Smart Homes. The main advantage is that Nuki users still have the option of mechanically locking the front door if the electronics should fail. This gives our customers a feeling of security. In general, the feedback is positive and especially with the Nuki Keypad many customer requirements were covered optimally.

Mr. Widdek, can you give us an example of how your clients use Nuki?
For one of our clients, who is running a jewelry store, Nuki turned out to be the perfect choice. We installed Nuki in the store and attached a Nuki Fob underneath the sales desk. Now the employees can quickly lock up at the push of a button whenever they need to go back into the vault to get something. The installation of an electric opener would have been possible but turned out to be too complicated due to the wiring. Therefore, we opted for the Smart Lock and the Fob which were quickly installed.

How does Nuki create additional value for you as a sales partner?
We receive a lot of inquiries about Nuki, but we rarely offer the Smart Lock as a single product. The electronic door lock is an ideal extension and can be easily integrated into overall concepts. The Nuki Opener, the door opener for existing intercoms, is especially attractive for us as Pro Partner. In addition to product sales, the Nuki Pro partnership also allows us to carry out the assembly and installation process for our customers. This enables us as experts to offer comprehensive solutions for entire Smart Home systems with Nuki.

Complete solutions with Nuki
The Smart Lock is an interesting product and a real eye-catcher at trade fairs. The Opener for intercom systems is of particular interest for us as Nuki Pro Partner. It allows us to also offer installation and support services for our customers.

Do you also offer other Smart Home products?
To meet our customers’ individual requirements precisely, we offer different access solutions. From electronic cylinders in the private sector to complex networked access systems for businesses, the product range is broadly diversified. Security Access, for example, works with SALTO KS – a wireless, cloud-based access solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, retailers, medical practices and law firms as well as the upscale private market.

On the other hand, larger businesses rely on the SALTO access solution with its own local database on the server without a cloud connection. For alarm systems, for example, we rely on the manufacturer DSC. This allows us to guarantee customised security and offer alarm systems that grow with the companies. This manufacturer also has the option of secure and certified Smart Home integration with its special DSC iOtega central alarm solution. With iOtega, a central alarm solution, DSC also offers secure and certified Smart Home integration.

Nuki im SchauraumNuki im Schauraum

What makes Nuki so special from your point of view?
The retrofittability is to be emphasized so that one can still lock the front door with the key, if the cylinder has an emergency function. We also like the fact that the Nuki Smart Lock does not necessarily have to be used with the Bridge, but can also remain local via Bluetooth access. As an extension for the door lock, the Keypad offers the greatest added value. The Keypad allows us to grant guest one-time access permissions and to assign access codes remotely.


Mr. Widdek, how do you see the potential of Smart Home in the future?
We live in a time in which things are constantly changing. The younger generations are growing up as digital natives and are used to the internet being available everywhere and at all times. Smart Home will become more and more important. Businesses have also understood that they have to focus on state-of-the-art security technology. Access controls and Smart Locks ensure that offices and company buildings are securely locked even after work. Besides, customised security concepts are required. Every business is valuable: We make sure it stays that way – because security knows no compromises.

For more information see https://www.security-access.at (site only available in German)

Judith Wilfing
Para mí, Smart Home significa lo siguiente: estilo de vida y vida cotidiana más fácil. Mi vida está acompañada por tres gadgets inteligentes: cerradura electrónica, Smartwatch y asistente virtual por voz. Cada desarrollo tecnológico adicional guarda nuevas herramientas interesantes. ¡Variedad total!