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Nuki Opener Update - smarten up your intercom // Die clevere Lösung für deine Gegensprechanlage
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Nuki Opener – The first invitations have been sent!

Nuki News 25.06.2019 | Sebastian Scholz

The vision of creating a holistic, smart and secure access system has been our clear goal since our start in 2014. Following the launch of the Nuki Smart Lock and its second, improved generation – Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 -, we also announced a retrofit solution for the main entrance doors of multi-party buildings: the Nuki Opener.

If you updated your Nuki app in the last few days or read our latest blog post, you’ve probably noticed the new section ‘Device Management’ in the Nuki app. This app update was an important step towards improving the administration of different devices within the Nuki app. Therefore, this update is also a cornerstone for the launch of the Nuki Opener. We are happy to give you another update on the latest addition to our product portfolio today:

The Nuki Opener invitation system
As you already know, the Nuki Opener is connected to the existing intercom system. In contrary to cylinders, there are only few uniform standards for intercom systems. Generally speaking, common intercom systems can be divided into three types: analog, bus systems and IP-based models. They process signals in different ways and have varying connection possibilities. For us an excellent user experience is a must. Therefore, we decided to give selected users the exclusive opportunity to purchase the Nuki Opener even before the official launch, on the basis of their intercom system. This process has started on schedule and we are already looking forward to the first user feedback. Step by step, we will verify the compatibility of the listed systems by the end of summer for the official launch.

You want to receive the Nuki Opener even before the official launch?


The first insights on the Nuki Opener
We are sure you would like to know more about the latest addition to the Nuki product family. We had a look at your most common questions from the past few days and would like to answer them today:

  • When will the Nuki Opener be available?
    The official launch is scheduled for September. But you can already complete the compatibility check now. If your intercom system belongs to the types already supported, you will receive an invitation, if you are lucky, to purchase the Nuki Opener already before the official market launch. The number of first products is very limited, so don’t wait and make the test right away.
  • Are the Opener products which are available before the official launch beta products?
    No, of course these products are the final version of the Nuki Opener.
  • How much will the Nuki Opener cost?
    The Nuki Opener will cost 99 euros incl. VAT in the Nuki shop.
  • Which features does the Nuki Opener offer?
    The Nuki Opener allows you to control your intercom system via your smartphone and offers the following core features:
    Open door via Nuki app Logical but inevitable. By using this feature, you activate the buzzer of your front door, so you can open the main entrance door via the app. Of course, the whole thing works remotely, if you want to open the door for someone else, such as a parcel deliverer or your cleaning aid, even if you’re currently not in your apartment.

    Ring to Open – When you activate the Ring to Open feature, your smartphone detects when you are near your front door. As soon as you ring at your apartment, the buzzer opens your front door and you can enter the house without a key or app. Basically that’s Auto Unlock for your intercom system.

    Continuous Mode – This mode allows you to automatically open the door at a defined time when you are ringing.

    Ring Suppression – This feature allows you to choose not to ring your bell when using, for example, the Ring to Open feature. A useful feature if you come home late in the evening by Ring to Open while your children are sleeping.

  • How does the installation of the Nuki Opener work?
    The Nuki Opener is designed for self-assembly. To install the Opener you have to open your intercom and connect it to the Nuki Opener. No drills needed and all mounting material is enclosed with the product. Since the product can be removed without leaving any residue, you do not need to release your landlord or property manager. The app guides you through all steps of the installation.

  • How is the Nuki Opener powered?
    The Nuki Opener is powered by four standard AAA batteries. There is no electricity drawn from the house. Alternatively, you can use the Nuki Opener with a micro USB cable.

  • Is the Nuki Opener HomeKit compatible?
    Currently, the HomeKit protocol offers no possibility to integrate the Nuki Opener in HomeKit, since this product type was not yet released for HomeKit by Apple. We are in active discussions with Apple and will keep you updated about new developments!

We hope we could give you a small but exciting insight into the current state of development with this update. Further information and the experience so of our first customers will follow in the coming weeks.

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