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So wird’s gemacht: Nuki mit Ring verbinden
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That’s how it’s done: Connecting Nuki with Ring

Smart Home 02.08.2022 | Marcus Schwarten

Update 21.12.2023: As of December 2023, the Ring integration with Nuki is discontinued.

In our article series “How it’s done”, we show you how to connect your Nuki Smart Lock to other smart products. This article goes over how to connect the Nuki door lock to the Ring Video Doorbell. Ring is best known for its smart doorbells with video and intercom functionalities.

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These are the benefits of Ring

In addition to security cameras, Ring offers a wide range of different smart video doorbells. This means you always have an overview of what’s going on in front of your door: This way, you can see who just rang the bell, whether the postman has left a package or if any strangers are up to mischief right outside your door.
You can access the live video feed on your smartphone or with an Amazon smart display. You can also use Ring to communicate with the people in front of your door. And this works from anywhere.

No central unit or Bridge is required to operate a Ring Video Doorbell. All you have to do is install and set up the Ring app on your smartphone.
However, the Ring Doorbells do have one shortcoming. There is no Ring Doorbell with a door opener. This means you can only use it to monitor and communicate. You can’t let visitors in remotely with Ring alone. And that’s precisely where the dynamic duo of the Nuki Smart Lock and Nuki Bridge comes into play: Nuki is the ideal sparring partner for your Ring Doorbell. Your family is coming to visit, and you’re still stuck in traffic? The video doorbell will let you know that they’re already there. And with Nuki you can open the door remotely so they don’t have to wait outside.
You connect your Smart Lock to your doorbell using the Ring app. We’ll show you how this works and what advantages it offers.

How to connect your digital door lock with Ring

  1. Open the Ring app on your smartphone and select your doorbell.
  2. In the following menu, select “Device settings” and then “Partner”.
  3. Select “Add partner” and you’ll see an overview of different manufacturers. Tap on “Nuki”.
  4. In the following display, tap on the last image to connect Ring and Nuki.

In order to do this, you need to have the Nuki app already installed and set up on the same smartphone. If you have several Ring devices, you can choose which ones should be linked with Nuki.


Your Ring Doorbell rings, and Nuki opens the door

Ring Doorbells don’t have an integrated door opener. They’re also unable to operate your door lock directly. But that can easily be fixed with Nuki. By following the instructions above, you can conveniently open the door to your loved ones from afar. Ring effectively adds a camera to your Nuki, too.

→ Important: You need the Nuki Bridge to operate your Nuki Smart Lock remotely. This allows you to control your smart door lock even when you’re outside of Bluetooth range.

Here’s how you benefit from combining your Nuki Smart Lock with the Ring Video Doorbell

Granted, Ring and Nuki aren’t networked in the traditional sense. But linking the two smart devices on your front door has a major advantage: You can open the Nuki app directly from the Ring app.

Here’s how it works: Your doorbell rings, and a plus sign appears in the bottom right corner of the live video feed in the Ring app. If you tap on the “+”, a small menu will pop up. You’ll find Nuki there once it’s fully set up. The Nuki app will immediately open when you tap the Nuki logo. You can then open the door for your visitors directly or unlock it on the way to the front door. This saves you having to open the Nuki app separately.

Which Ring Doorbells are compatible with Nuki?

Generally speaking, you can connect all Ring smart doorbells and security cameras to your Nuki Smart Lock. However, cameras that monitor the entrance of your home are the most logical option – like the video doorbells mounted next to the front door.
It’s also important that you set up the camera correctly in the Ring app beforehand. You can then link it to Nuki and operate your Smart Lock directly from the live video feed.

Do you need the Nuki Bridge to connect Nuki with Ring?

To establish the connection itself, you only need the Nuki Smart Lock and one of the various Ring Doorbells. The Nuki Bridge is not required for this process. Strictly speaking, you’re just linking the two apps from Nuki and Ring. The devices themselves have nothing to do with this and are not connected to each other.
However, having a video doorbell is particularly important when you’re not at home. And for this use scenario, you need the Nuki Bridge. This is required for operating your Nuki Smart Lock with your smartphone outside of the radio range.
If you want to open the door remotely for visitors once you’ve identified them with your Ring Video Doorbell, you’ll need the Nuki Bridge.

Don’t have a Nuki Smart Lock yet? No problem! Do you want to bring maximum convenience and security to your front door? Do you already have a Ring Doorbell, but don’t have a Nuki Smart Lock yet? Using the installation check on the Nuki website, you can find out if your front door is compatible with Nuki in just three minutes.

Passed the check? You can order your own smart door lock quickly and easily in the Nuki Online Shop. Once it’s delivered, you can set it up in just a few simple steps. We guide you through that process here.

Nuki is compatible with a large number of smart home brands.

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