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Nuki für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigung: Interview mit Eliza Gawin
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Nuki for disabled people: Interview with Eliza Gawin

Get Inspired 18.06.2020 | Judith Wilfing

Please introduce yourself to our community.
My name is Eliza Gawin, I live in Wiesbaden (Germany) and I am a web designer/developer. Most of the time I work from home and my personal assistants support me in everyday life. As I have a physical disability I need an electric wheelchair. Thanks to my technical affinity I always discover solutions that help and support me in my professional and private life. That’s why digitisation is one of the topics which absolutely matters to me. In fact, it creates accessibility – and that’s exactly the message I try to convey in conversations with companies. As a result, I was nominated for the Digital Female Leader Award 2019 in the category ‘Diversity’.

You recently added Nuki to your home. Tell us about your experiences: In which way does Nuki support you in your everyday life as a wheelchair user?
This time I asked professionals to do the installation, although it would also have been possible to install it on my own together with my personal assistant. I just had to change the locking cylinder in order to use Nuki with a so-called double-sided cylinder. It includes an emergency function and can be locked on both sides, even if the key is stuck inside. The cylinder is quite affordable – with 30 Euros it was done for me!

With my limited muscular strength, I can neither turn the key nor press the door handle.
Nuki enables me to unlock and lock the apartment door by myself. When the doorbell rings, I don’t have to ask my assistant to open the door any more. From now on I open the door for my friend completely on my own! Besides, Nuki allows me to give people I trust a digital entry code and automatically grant access to my assistant, for example. This is especially useful when she is carrying my shopping bags and has no hands free to open the door. Nuki is also helpful in a “worst-case scenario”: Should it ever happen that my assistant leaves the apartment without a key and unintentionally locks me inside, I am now prepared. In this case, I can simply unlock the door from the inside with my smartphone. Before I used Nuki, situations like these were dangerous and stressful for everyone involved. No more locksmith needed!

Which Nuki products do you use and which features are especially helpful for you? Do you also use other Smart Home products?
I use the Nuki Smart Lock with the Bridge and the Opener. My Google Assistant recognized Nuki immediately and so I can also open the door by voice command. Currently I also use Google’s Smart Home System and Philips Hue lamps.

What is the added value of Smart Home gadgets for you personally?
First and foremost I appreciate the simplified handling. Smart Home means freedom and independence for me.

In your Twitter post (post in German) you mentioned that your health insurance company has covered the costs for the Nuki Smart Lock. How did it happen?
I had to submit an application to the insurance company for Nuki as a reconstruction measure. So I described that especially if my assistant unintentionally leaves the door key inside, the apartment may no longer be entered which inevitably puts my life at risk. I need support from other people in my daily life, so my assistance must be available around the clock. Being locked up must not happen. So Nuki is like a precautionary measure for me. The health insurance company agreed to this and financed the product purchase.

Nuki has become a relief for you in your everyday life. Would you recommend the electronic door lock to other people in similar situations?
Smart gadgets come at a price, but with financial support – as in my case – digital accessibility probably may also become affordable for you. I highly recommend Nuki – since the installation, the smart door lock has been working well without exception, and the Nuki app can also be used very intuitively.

Thank you for the interview!

Judith Wilfing
Smart Home per me significa: stile di vita & una semplice quotidianità. Serratura elettronica, Smartwatch e assistente vocale – tre gadget intelligenti che mi accompagnano nelle mie giornate. Lo sviluppo tecnologico porta con sé nuovi interessanti dispositivi. Varietà allo stato puro!