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Nuki Keypad – Simply for everyone.


As already announced in our previous blog post we presented the latest addition to the Nuki product family – the Nuki Keypad – at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin. For all those who did not have the opportunity to visit us personally, below is a summary of the most important information:

Nuki Keypad / The intelligent extention for your Smart Lock
Appearance and design
The Nuki Keypad contains numeric keys (1 to 9) and a back key. In the upper area, there is an LED strip with 6 LEDs.

No zero:
For security reasons, we have deliberately decided against integrating the number “0” on the keypad. In this way, we are able to avoid the use of common codes – such as your date of birth. By omitting zero, a large amount of unsecure number combinations can be excluded. In addition, access codes cannot start with the combination “1-2”; an error will be display during input.

Back key:
The back key can be used to delete digits entered incorrectly. If desired, the back key can also be used to lock the door – this allows you to lock the door at the push of a button when leaving the building. This function can be activated or deactivated via the settings of your Nuki app.

The EOOS Keypad was designed to match the entire Nuki product family. With its slim design (3 x 9 cm), the keypad fits almost any door frame and is easily mounted on the outside of your front door. At this time, the Nuki Keypad is only available in “black”.

The external surface of the Keypad is protected by a silicone surface. This allows the Keypad to withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C. The fluorescent digits guarantee optimal operability even at night. Each key stroke is indicated by a light signal on the integrated LED strip. The unit is protected against dust and water jets according to IP65 and is therefore weatherproof.

Functions and codes

Entry codes:
To gain access, a 6-digit entry code must be entered. These codes are defined individually for each user so that you can keep track of who locked your front door and when. You can assign up to 99 entry codes. If desired, the entry codes can also be set for a limited period of time – this is especially useful while you are on vacation and your neighbors are watering your flowers. The Nuki Keypad is also ideal for renting out apartments or and houses for vacation. Annoying key transfers are finally a thing of the past!

Remote access:
Internet access is not required to use the Nuki Keypad. The Keypad communicates with your Nuki Smart Lock via Bluetooth. However, so that you can also assign access codes remotely, we recommend the Nuki Combo – consisting of Smart Lock and Bridge. The Nuki Bridge connects to your WLAN and allows access from anywhere.

Installation and setup

The Nuki Keypad is mounted on the outside of your front door. It can either be glued to the door frame or screwed to the front of the house. The necessary mounting accessories are supplied. On the back of your Keypad, there are two small silicone seals. These seals protect the device by preventing water from penetrating into the unit. For both installation variants, these seals must remain inside: when attached to the house wall, simply screw through the two silicone seals. The Keypad is battery powered (2 x CR2032 button cells), so no wires or cables need to be connected.

The Nuki Keypad is set up and managed using the Nuki app. Under the menu item “Manage Keypad”, the settings of the Keypad can be changed, or a Smart Lock can be paired in the future. A 6-digit security code must be entered during initial setup. This is requested from every keypad management and serves as theft protection. The Keypad and Smart Lock can then be paired. The Keypad can only be paired to one Smart Lock and vice versa. Detailed instructions on how to set it up can be found directly in your Nuki app.

Security and theft protection

The Keypad can only be managed via Bluetooth using a smartphone. Like all Nuki products, the Keypad is secured using end-to-end encryption with challenge response procedures (just like online banking). The Keypad settings are not managed via Nuki Web, although access codes can be generated there.

Theft protection:
Unlike the Nuki Smart Lock, the Keypad is freely accessible and visible from the outside. Theft is made more difficult by the fact that the Keypad cannot be operated or accessed by strangers. This is because the initial setup assigns a security code that no one but you knows. Without this code, administration of the Keypad is impossible – the device cannot be reset to factory settings and is therefore absolutely worthless for the thief.

We offer a theft replacement program in the event your Nuki Keypad is stolen: Simply send a copy of the loss report from the police as well as the original invoice (proof of ownership) to our Nuki Support and you will receive a free replacement product from us.

Price and availability

The Nuki Keypad is available for € 79.00 and can be pre-ordered in our online shop. Delivery is expected in November or December 2018.