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Shipping started!


Hi everybody,

two months have passed since our last blog update and there was a lot going on. With this post we are trying to wrap up everything for you and give you the latest update on the delivery of your Nuki Smart Lock:

April 4th:

In our last blog update from 4th April we have provided all of you with a planned shipping date for your Nuki order and a comprehensive guide on how to access the information. If you still haven’t done this, please use the link above and follow the instructions there.

April 22nd:

We have asked some of our earliest supporters on Kickstarter to become Beta Testers for Nuki. The feedback we have received so far was very valuable. Most of the points raised focused on feature requests and only some minor bugs in the apps. These bugs have already been fixed and the remainder will get done before we start shipping out larger volumes.

And we also launched our new Nuki video at end of April. Check it out here:

May 13th:

We had to inform our backers that the shipping timeline for the Nuki Bridge is delayed due to an availability issue with a purchased part. As a result we will not be able to ship the Nuki Bridge before CW26. To mitigate the impact on our supporters, we will separately ship Nuki Smart Lock packages in the calendar week we promised to you via the Nuki shop interface and the Nuki Bridge will be included in a second shipment starting from CW26 earliest. As a consolation we will make the Nuki Android Bridge app available for free on Google Play, so if you have an old Android phone (≥V4.3), you can use this one instead of the Nuki Bridge and still get the same remote features.

May 20th:

We released a new version of the Nuki website and for the first time officially published the Nuki apps. Visit or download our apps directly in the app stores:

We are happy to receive some 5 star app reviews from you ;-). In case you discover any app bugs, please drop us an email. Please be aware that you can only use the full scope of the Nuki apps in combination with a Smart Lock (so please don’t report an iOS bug about location services as many of you did already).

Nuki iOS App Preview

June 1st:

Nuki is finally shipping! Yeah!! A first batch of roughly 100 units will go out today to backers with confirmed delivery date for CW20. This is two weeks behind our initial schedule we communicated to all of you on 4th April because we have faced several setbacks during ramp up of the production. Currently we have settled our weekly output at the expected level of capacity, but due to the slow start we have a significant backlog and need to adjust the planned shipping timelines. Consequently, we have updated all planned shipping dates in our shop interface and moved them back by 4 weeks (so CW20 will be CW24, CW21 will be CW25, …), whilst maintaining the same sequential order for every backer.

Nuki at manufacturing

If you want to follow our story in more detail you may take a look at our Kickstarter profile page

To summarize, here’s what’s important for all non-Kickstarter supporters of Nuki:

  • We have started the shipping process in a sequential order as of today (yeah!!)

  • Our apps & website are already live and you can check them out any time

  • An updated shipping date for your Nuki Smart Lock is available, please check your account for more details

  • If you ordered a Nuki Bridge or Nuki Combo you will get your Smart Lock first and a few weeks later the Nuki Bridge

Looking forward to continue shipping to you!