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That's how it's done: Connecting Nuki with Ring
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That’s how it’s done: Connecting Nuki with Ring

Smart Home 22.10.2019 | Marcus Schwarten

In our new series “This is how it’s done” we present different ways of how you can combine your Nuki Smart Lock with other smart devices. The first smart device which we would like to introduce is Ring, a smart doorbell with video transmission.

These are the advantages of Ring

Aside from security cameras, Ring is known for its smart video doorbells. With a smart video doorbell you can always see what’s going on outside your front door. You can watch the live video on your smartphone or Alexa device, among other things, and communicate with people standing in front of your door – from anywhere.
No bridge is required to operate a Ring video doorbell. You only need to install the Ring App on your smartphone. Via the Ring App, you can also connect your Smart Lock with your doorbell.

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How to connect your Nuki Smart Lock to Ring

  • Open the Ring App on your smartphone and select your doorbell.
  • In the following submenu select “Device settings” and then “Partner”.
  • After tapping on “Add partner” you will see an overview of different manufacturers. Choose Nuki.
  • Finally, all you have to do is click on the “connect” button. Make sure that you install the Ring app on the same smartphone on which you installed the Nuki app before. Otherwise this won’t work.

That’s how you benefit from the combination of Nuki Smart Lock and Ring video doorbell.

Well, there is no real networking between Ring and Nuki in the classical sense. But the combination of the two smart devices at your front door brings a decisive advantage: You can open the Nuki app directly from the Ring app: So, if someone rings the bell at your front door and you are watching the live video signal in the Ring app, you will see a plus sign in the lower right corner after a successful setup.

If you tap the “+”, a small menu opens up. There you will find Nuki after following the instructions above. Tap on the Nuki logo to open the Nuki App. That’s how easily you can open the door for your visitors directly from your smartphone or unlock your door lock on your way to the front door.
If you connect Ring and Nuki, you will save time because you don’t have to open the Nuki app anymore. This also works from afar and you don’t have to press the button on the lock to open it at the front door.

Is the Nuki Bridge required for the connection between Nuki and Ring?

No, all you need is the Nuki Smart Lock and a Ring doorbell. The Nuki Bridge is not required to connect Nuki and Ring. Strictly speaking, it is just a link between the Nuki and the Ring app. The devices themselves have nothing to do with this.

Source: Ring

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