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Safety for your home: cameras that support HomeKit Secure Video
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Safety for your home: cameras that support HomeKit Secure Video

Stay Secure 12.08.2021 | Marion Zelzer

Security cameras are intended to provide more security in and around one’s own four walls. However, they can leave some people with a uneasy feeling. The HomeKit Secure Video by Apple is supposed to change that. It provides more security and better data privacy. But which cameras provide this comparatively new standard? We present you an overview of our favourite models.

What is HomeKit Secure Video?

Apple offers a safe Cloud-storage solution with HomeKit Secure Video for smart security cameras. The livestreams and recordings are stored centrally and encrypted in Apple’s iCloud and no longer directly at the camera manufacturer. This makes different manufacturer subscriptions unnecessary when various cameras are in use in a household.

However, to use the complete functionality of HomeKit Secure Video you need a fee-based iCloud-Storage. You enable access to one camera with the 200 GB package and up to five cameras with the 2 TB package. With the free iCloud-account the recording and communication of specific movements is omitted. Notifications and live videos of any movement are still included in the package.

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HomeKit Secure Video enabled security cameras for indoor use

As a general distinction is made between indoor and outdoor security cameras, we will do the same here. If you are searching for a security camera for indoors, you can choose between the following models:

Eve Cam, Netatmo and Aqara G2H

The Eve Cam, made by one of the most known HomeKit-specialists Eve systems, is relatively new on the market. The camera offers a high level of data protection because of its integration with HomeKit Secure Video and has a Full-HD resolution. It is equipped with a 150-degree field of view, night vision and an infrared motion sensor. It can be placed either standing or hanging on the wall.

The Smart Indoor Camera from Netatmo already stands out visually from most other models. It is a bronze-coloured column. The indoor camera is equipped with intelligent face detection, local video storage as an alternative to HomeKit Secure Video and 130 degrees of recording range with Full HD resolution.

The Chinese manufacturer Aqara offers the Aqara G2H, another security camera with HomeKit Secure Video. In addition to the 1080p camera function with night vision, face detection, activity zones, as well as 2-way audio, a smart home hub for additional Aqara devices is also integrated in the compact camera.

Outdoor cameras with HomeKit Secure Video

There are also various solutions for monitoring your garden or your property. For example Netatmo has two outdoor security cameras in its portfolio that support HomeKit Secure Video: the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera and the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Alarm Siren. These two cameras are pretty much the same, except the 105 db siren. They both have a floodlight, an infrared night vision and support HomeKit Secure Video. As an alternative you can store the footage locally and encoded on a micro-SD card.

Logitech also offers a security camera with HomeKit Secure Video, the Logitech Circle View. It can be mounted in many ways and, thanks to its weatherproof housing, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With a tilt function and a power off switch, the wired camera offers further protection for your privacy. In addition, the older Logitech Circle 2 indoor camera is also compatible with HomeKit Secure Video, thanks to an update.

The smart home brand eufy, which belongs to Anker, also offers various outdoor cameras that can be integrated into HomeKit Secure Video. Examples are the eufyCam 2 and the eufyCam 2C: both have been retrofitted with Apple’s security service through an update. The wireless security cameras also have their own control centre for local storage.

Nuki and security cameras: the ideal Duo for your front door

Nuki and security cameras: the ideal duo for your front door

Security cameras with HomeKit Secure Video can be used in many ways in and around your home. A possible field of application is the monitoring of the front door as an alternative to the video doorbell. This way, the old doorbell can remain in place and it is still possible to look outside the front door. In combination with the Nuki Smart Lock you can safely open the door for family and friends even when you are not at home.

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