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Nuki Smart Door

Maximum convenience and total reliability

Elegant design, high-quality materials and maximum security are what make a state-of-the-art locking system.

We have teamed up with leading door and lock manufacturers under the “Works with Nuki” umbrella to bring you all the benefits of the Nuki Smart Door completely built into a door. The Nuki Module transforms a mechanical door like this into a Smart Door.

Works with Nuki

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Nuki - Das elektronische Türschloss mit Bluetooth


The Smart Door is the electronic access system of the future – today. It automatically opens the door for you when you come home and can be conveniently controlled from anywhere with your smartphone.

Unser Smart Door zum  Nachrüsten - Unser Nuki lässt sich einfach selbst aufstecken


With Nuki’s integrated locking system, your home is always perfectly secured. You can have your door lock automatically if needed, and you have the option to check the status on your smartphone at any time and manage access permissions digitally.

Nuki ist das sicherste elektronische Türschloss im internationalen Vergleichstest


The Nuki Module is directly integrated into your door. It makes virtually no noise and doesn’t require batteries. It’s fully compatible with the Nuki ecosystem, meaning you can also connect your access solution to your Smart Home.

Maximum control of your door

from the comfort of the Nuki app

You can use the free Nuki app to conveniently control your door using your smartphone. You can open and lock it, and check that it’s properly closed. Not only that, you can assign digital access permissions so that other people can also access your home.

With Remote Access activated, you can do all this on the go – whether you’re sitting comfortably in the park with friends or at the airport setting off on your next business trip.

Nuki Bridge

Nuki Remote Access

The Smart Door is prepared for remote access via the Nuki Bridge so it can also be controlled via the internet while you’re on the move.

Smart Door owners can request the required Nuki Bridge free of charge through the Nuki app. After the included trial period, remote access must finally be activated by entering the remote access code in the Nuki app. If this is not initially included when the door fitter installs the Smart Door, the user can also purchase the remote access code directly through the Nuki app.

Nuki App

The free Nuki app is available for iOS and Android devices. With the App you can control all Smart Door that are authorized for you. Up to 200 Smart Door can be managed in one App.

Nuki App Animation
Auto Unlock
  • Lock & Unlock

    Lock or unlock your door with a single tap – either on your smartphone app or through a connected smartwatch.

  • Auto Unlock

    With Auto Unlock turned on, Nuki recognizes your phone without you even touching it and opens the door automatically when you come home.

  • Lock ’n’ Go

    If you want Nuki to lock your door seconds after you left your home simply activate the Lock ’n’ Go function feature from your smartphone app or from the button on the Smart Door.

  • Access Control

    Manage home access for your family, friends, guests, craftsmen or baby-sitter – on a permanent, recurring or one-time basis.

  • Activity Log

    By enabling Nuki’s activity log, the app gives you a complete list of whoever locked or unlocked your door, and when.

  • Smartwatch Integration

    Nuki apps are also available for Apple Watch and Android Smartwatches. Lock and unlock your door right from your wrist.

Auto Unlock

That “Welcome home” feeling

For maximum convenience, you can activate the Auto Unlock feature in the Nuki app. This way, your smart front door opens automatically when you come home – as if by magic.

Intelligently connected

and voice-activated

Thanks to the expansive Nuki ecosystem, your Smart Door is compatible with a wide variety of Smart Home systems. This lets you easily link Nuki with your video doorbell, your thermostat or your shutters.

By integrating Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, your door can also be conveniently controlled with voice commands.

Automatic door control

With Nuki, you never have to worry about locking the door ever again. With the integrated Auto Lock feature, you can determine whether your door locks automatically and when.

If necessary, you can regulate this feature via the schedule function so that Auto Lock is only activated at night.

Smart enhancements
that make your life even easier

Nuki Keypad

The Keypad is the perfect enhancement for your Smart Door. No need to take anything with you. By simply entering your 6-digit access code, you and your guests can enter your home – and all without any additional accessories.

Nuki Fob

The Nuki Fob is a smart Bluetooth remote control for your electronic locking system. It is shock- and water-proof, and extremely simple to use, making it a practical key replacement for anyone without their own smartphone.

Nuki Smart Door

The integrated access system

for your home

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