Nuki offers open interfaces for the integration of Nuki into lots of different use cases.

Smart Lock Bluetooth API

Nuki Web API

By using the Nuki Web and Nuki Web API you can control the Smart Lock directly via the web. Simple user administration and control of locking operations makes the Nuki Web API particularly attractive for business use cases or the management of multiple Smart Locks.

Download v1.1
Smart Lock Bluetooth API

Nuki IFTTT Channel

Connect the Smart Lock to IFTTT with over 360 apps and devices such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa, Nest. The Nuki IFTTT Channel offers recommended applets or you can create your own.

Go to Nuki IFTTT Channel


You can fetch the status of a Smart Lock and send commands to it, with simple HTTP requests to the Bridge API. Works only on the WLAN/LAN to which the Bridge is connected.

Download v1.7

Smart Lock Bluetooth API

Smart Lock Bluetooth API

Interface directly with the Smart Lock via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This API is used by the Nuki Bridge and Nuki apps.

Download v1.10
Nuki Apps URL Schema

Nuki Apps URL Schema

Allows to open and deep link selected functions of Nuki Android and iOS apps from within another app or browser.

Download v1.00

Integrations and Community Resources



EnlightMe Home Automation System integrates Nuki via the Bridge API.

Homebridge Nuki Plugin

Node.js plugin for Homebridge. Allows to integrate Nuki into Apple Homekit / Siri.

Bridge Simulator

Node.js Nuki Bridge API simulator


Loxone integration for the Nuki Brigde and the Nuki Android Bridge

Nuki Bridge – Opener

Pebble app that uses the Bridge API

FHEM Integration

Integration in FHEM home automation.

Athom Homey

Allows to control the Nuki Smart Lock using the Homey by Athom B.V.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant for Nuki


Integration into the Fibaro Home Center 2


Nuki binding for openHAB2

KNX & EnOcean

App for BAB-Technologies APP Module


iOS & Android App

Nuki Web API


iOS & Android App

Smart Lock Bluetooth API

Fob Simulator

Node.js Nuki Fob simulator

Smart Lock Simulator

Node.js Nuki Smart Lock simulator

Nuki Py Bridge

Python Nuki client

Swiss Cylinder Adaptation

Nuki B-Plate Supporter

3D Drawing for B mounting plate

Swiss B-Plate Sandwich

Sandwich plate for compatibility with Swiss cylinder

Swiss Plate 3D Files

3D Files for Swiss cylinder


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